Greenday (Audrey freedom) 11th at EMEA 2023

Your Niichan's Girlfriend 216

alt text
Credits are fake.
Fact: Discarding Strike Fund and Steal Skin to Audrey will always be better than playing them. You can always use the click you gained for the cred/card you missed out on.
Fact: Audrey + chip is a clot threat.
45 cards and no labor rights? what if the plant gets hungry? She's got plenty of food. Once you get your rig set up you simply don't play cards anymore. Azmari Eat your heart out
All you need for an opener is The Price do it click one and improvise from there.
Be carful about MU 2+2=4.
Run early, run often. Trash their trash, eat their ice from HQ, and hippo what slips through.
Make them purge. Knob and contaminate to get rolling again.
Be aggressive.

21 Aug 2023 Porkobolo

"Howdy! I'm Flowey, Flowey the flower!" cit.

"In this world is trash or be trashed." semicit.

22 Aug 2023 psi_sig

hell yeah this whips

22 Aug 2023 Jai

"Credits Gained: 10"

Extremely happy we managed to catch your deck on stream. Congratulations on the placement!

22 Aug 2023 Council

Makes me so happy to see Freedom do well. Thank you sister-in-law!

24 Aug 2023 Sauc3

Was a pleasure to get absolutely taken apart by this deck on the day, well played!