“Lone Gunman” Redux - Prize-a-Palooza Winner

greyfield 3908

I’ve been playing RNG Key Omar on and off pretty much since Key was printed, including taking it within a coin flip of top 16 at Magnum Opus. After my Hoshiko drip deck felt incapable of competing against rushy decks, I wanted to play something that could pack 3 Stimhacks, maintain pressure, and still make money every turn. Where a lot of Hoshiko decks feel like Shaper decks with Hippo, this deck feels kind of like a Criminal deck... with Hippo.

The play pattern is pretty straightforward - Omar stretches the Corp's ice out and makes it easier for your RNG Key proceeds to give you essentially free R&D runs. Mining Accident further subsidizes those runs, and Hippo stretches ice out further. When R&D becomes inaccessible, run HQ to get more TTW counters, and/or use FTT on assets to check R&D for free. For tech cards I went with Buffer Drive, because there are usually some players on murderous Jinteki lists, and Knifed, for Border Control, Kakugo, and more ice destruction generally.

As it was, the Prize-a-Palooza meta was abnormally fast (or rather, I played an improbable number of rush decks). The deck went 3-1, beating Earth Station and Haarpsichord and splitting with two Titans, the loss being the result of an unusually lucky draw for the Titan player the turn after I finally got my last breaker. Best moment from a pure flavor perspective was my conspiracy theorist Finding the Truth on an HQ run of a Government Takeover.

The deck feels very dynamic and makes for fun games. I wouldn’t change the list right now, though I could see cutting the Knifed for a second Gachapon for more consistency.

My Corp was Why can't I have no kids and three money?, list unchanged, which went 4-0, beating a Geist, a Ken, and two Az - two kills, two scores. Deck is still great. Might be better trimming cards to fit Scarcity but honestly to hell with Scarcity.

17 Jan 2020 render787

super awesome list, thank you!

20 Jan 2020 render787

I've had a lot of fun playing this -- I'm going to try swapping the buffer drive for a Kyuban -- I feel like Kyuban will help to keep the FTT+RNG machine rolling