Issuaq Jack: Throwing Haymakers

duk 102


My take on the 1-2 punch Issuaq Adaptics: Sustaining Diversity. The plan is pretty straightforward, score at least one 3-point agenda with Issuaq triggering. Ideally a Vulnerability Audit installed naked followed up with double Seamless Launch. Once that is done you're just one score away from winning! The second score does tend to take a long time, and the agenda suite is prone to Mad Dash, but generally the runner will have to access a lot of cards before accessing 3 of 7 agendas - meaning typically there will be enough time to get there. This list would probably benefit a lot from at least one Anoetic Void.

There's a decent bit of money cards here, but the ICE is also expensive so spend accordingly. Tollbooth was slotted in place of Vampyronassa for being too weak to K2CP Turbine. One of the biggest strengths of this deck is looking like a kill deck long enough to let the corp pull off the first haymaker. There's enough teeth to kill a careless runner, but generally flatline isn't really in the cards. That said, Obokata Protocol is still it's bad old self, I've closed a game by Mitosis for double Obo while up 4-3.

Otoroshi is a little underwhelming, but it has good stats and generally does what we want to be doing. Gaslight is kind of interesting since this deck so heavily leans on key operations. It can also be used to just get some money if needed. Maybe I'm a lunatic, but Mwanza City Grid is hype here; why yes I'll take 10c for running R&D- oh, no agendas again? weird!

27 Jan 2023 Mancini

How often do you score Jumon?

27 Jan 2023 duk

Only one game so far, where Jumon was the only agenda I had found at that point. I somehow managed to score it with Issuaq trigger using double seamless plus ToL. Its definitely not ideal, especially if you fail to get the trigger, but once scored it becomes a very different kind of game where you can just start stacking advancement counters on everything.

5 Feb 2023 Mancini

Consider adding in 1x Big Deal as a closer. I made a version of this deck where I cut the Tollbooths and a Gaslight to add in Big Deal. It also works as a last ditch way to get an Issuaq trigger.