SOCRX Winner Leela (1st out of 59)

Longi 1715

People usually finish their deck description with thanks to the organisers. I will start with it as SOCRX was really a long tournament and @Sanjay and @lostgeek sacrificed a lot of their free time so the rest of us could have fun. Shout out to you, guys!

This was my second online SOCR tournament and I enjoyed it a lot. The tempo (one match per week) is just fine and gives you time to think about next match and proper side-boarding strategy. You also get to know (at least a bit) the other players because you have to communicate with them in order to find time window that matches their activities and respects the time difference.

As a runner I chose Leela because criminals are my favourite factions and I also played her during summer at standard tournaments. And she carried me all the way to the finals. In the swiss she went 4-1 loosing only to Blue Sun piloted masterfully by @mbzrl who was using Lady Liberty to avoid triggering Leela´s ability. Then he bounced it back so he could start gathering counters once again. Nice tech. In the cut she went 8-0. Being the higher seed and be always able to choose runner was a strong advantage for me as the runners just seemed better in the given card-pool. Nevertheless, all the opponents played really well. I still vividly recall my finish against Akira when I managed to snatch the winning agenda with all my breakers already in the bin. What a nerve-wrecking match.

As for the card choices there is really nothing special here. Classic Leela. I side-boarded always heavily. I remember that against Sanjay´s IG I changed around 20 cards. I was so afraid he would play just regular glacier and half of my deck would be useless:). Luckily this did not happen. The trickiest corporation ID to face was probably Blue Sun. I even tried to include the E-box console in two games to dodge Punitive Counterstrike. It also helped with memory so I could slot Stargate to leave agendas in the bin and bounce installed cards at my terms. Later I switched back to Paragon as the tempo gain from it is just too good.

At the end I would like to thank all the participants as well, since you guys made this tournament pleasure to attend. Greatest community in the game industry!

25 Sep 2019 lazychef13

Congrats on the win Longi!

26 Sep 2019 Longi

hey, thanks a lot!