Inevitable Beckman (1rst at OKORINA 4, undefeated

Testrunning 793

This was my runner deck for OKORINA 4 with Rachel Beckman as the ID (45/25). It went undefeated against Lab Servers, The Cleaners and Flower Sermon.

The late game power of this deck is simply ridiculous. Thanks to Aesops and Wasteland you gain 6 every turn and with Heartbeat and Reboot you are unkillable (very handy in a Meta where you have no idea what anyone is doing). To round it up there is some soft Wincon with FTT and TTW.

Assimilator is included to get back FTT, TTW, Engolo or the last Aesops with Reboot should you lose any of the cards.

The Setup is suprisingly fast with Career Fairs, 5 Clicks and drawing ~4 Cards at the start of every turn (Hotel + 2 Reaver was my usual setup). The extra click is probably lost when you start running but it gives enough value early on.

On the flipside this deck has nothing against rush deck. Probably one SMC and PolOp should be included. To free up some inf one Aesops and some Taps or Career Fairs can be dropped. The third Aesops is not as important because you dont have much to sell early on anyways. Also Casts and Hotels that run out and Hoppers can trigger your Wastelands/Reavers early game.

Thanks again to Sanjay for devising the format and Aruzan for organizing the tournament! It was great fun and I am eager for the next one!