Palana Al Dente

CryptoGraham 963


This is one of my favorite deck archetypes: Spiky Rushy Palana Glacier!

I took a previous version of this to Chicago's last regional in 2018 and got 4th overall with it!

The basic premise of this deck is to ice up, make a scoring remote and create early pressure by scoring out a Nisei MK II, House of Knives or Medical Breakthrough.

Don't be afraid to lose a single Medical Breakthrough to help you quickly jam out the other two.

The name of the game is to make sure your remote is as taxing as possible and to signal the "scoring" alarm with clever IAA NGO Front or Bio Vault action, never advance install a Breached Dome or Snare! or just leave them in your hand.

Ice placement is usually a heavy tax on centrals (At least 1 Anansi and 1 DNA Tracker) plus Mirāju. Mirāju on HQ feels real good if you're holding more agendas than you want to. And even if you draw up another, just stuff it back in!

The best scoring windows I often find are immediately after dragging the runner through a couple NGO front ruses.

You'll want to use your Preemptive Actions on NGO Fronts, Rashidas or pulling back Snares if you feel like you want to further tempo the runner.

The piece that really makes this deck sing though is Thimblerig, which can shift maybe a wayward Anansi from the scoring remote to a central the turn you're about to score out of the remote. This can help ensure stronger protection of the centrals while you "recover" and then can be moved right back when you're ready to score (or RUSE) again!

This deck is a blast to pilot and it's a fun mindgame for the corp.

Good luck and happy spiking!