So, now that Political Operative is out, this card is dead, right?

PolOp costs the same to install. PolOp is 1 influence. PolOp is not limited to what it can and cannot trash. PolOp can be used at instant speed (e.g. run HQ, install PolOp, immediately trash JHow and raid archives). PolOp threatens the kill with a single HQ run, not an HQ run on the turn you use it.

That being said, this does have the advantage of working on Caprice Nisei and Chairman Hiro in Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions, no matter how loaded archives is. I can't really think of any other reasonable cases where the trash cost of something would be so high that it's worth 3 clicks.

Probably not worth using unless you are making a theme deck. The flavor of having Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind go clubbing at Wyldside, do a bunch of drugs (Stimhack), pay her Drug Dealer, and shoot someone in the face is certainly appealing.

Only other advantage this thing has is that it's reusable. On the other hand, killing more than two or three things with it costs WAY too many clicks. —
They need to errata starlight crusade funding to interact with this, give the jankmobile some more gizmos to use. —