This card is about to become insane when Friday Chip becomes legal. Especially if you can install multiples of them. Trash something with a token off of Imp to place a token on Friday Chip, then replace it (or multiples, if you have multiple Friday Chips installed) at the start of your next turn. Wew! Progenitor support to keep the Corp from throwing their hands up and purging the paper-shredder you've put together.

you don't even need a Progenitor, almost all Corps will have something to trash once anyway, trash one for the iron price and go back to shreddering ;) —

With Jackson Howard rotated out this has gone from nigh-unplayable to extremely reliable wincon. If you have the resources to pull off two or three R&D runs in a row it's prettymuch GG. If you pull one of these off and don't see the agendas to stack the deck with, it still serves as reliable information to go fishing in HQ instead. Even if you fail to see things you want to steal you still get the chance to guide your opponent's next few draws.

Now that Jackson Howard is gone I don't think Deep Data Mining or Maker's Eye stand up to this. While they provide similar effects they're both more expensive to run, with Deep Data Mining requiring a rig built around maximizing MU and Maker's Eye not pulling as much information. While they both allow you a glimpse into the future, Indexing alone lets you change it. Against players running ambushes DDM and ME may end up getting you killed, while Indexing wont.

Adding "Freedom Through Equality" or Mad Dash to the mix makes this even crazier.

Unplayable through Jackson? In my experience, Indexing was one of the most heavily played Shaper forms of R&D pressure. —
With every deck running 3 of Jackson and his ability to RFG to force a shuffle on R&D before your next run is successful, the information and scoring opportunity provided by Indexing was preventable if he was anywhere on the table. Knowing every deck out there is packing three-of a card that counters this one made it a poor choice over Maker's Eye. —
Of course that is just my opinion, based on what I played and what the people I played against used. Museum's prevalence didn't help it either. —

Great synergy for anyone looking to squash the runner, or make them think you are. Seriously too good in multiples, Id wager some credits this card will be appended to "Limit one per server" eventually. Weyland decks will have wet dreams of throwing all three of these into their scoring remote while holding a mix of scorches and punitive counterstrikes. NBN and Jinteki can have plenty of fun with these as well, though. Make the unfortunate encounter with Snare that much worse.

after accessing Prisec when it's facedown, It fires me. But after that it remain facedown or go faceup? —
Facedown. In order to become face up, an asset or upgrade must be voluntary rezzed by Corp in an appropriate time, paying its Rez cost. —

Interesting potential with Aghora but too costly IMO. Until we see a Deva type icebreaker with a lower initial install cost I don't think either of these options are efficient enough to warrant replacing some of the current go-to icebreaker suites. The Criminal faction Deva breaker will determine whether the three are good or garbage. If it's a modest 2-3 cost breaker with the same 2 credit ability to swap out it'll turn Sadyojata and Aghora on. If it's a similarly costed install, I think we'll all pass on it.


The potency of this card in Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon is fierce. If it sits on the board it has broken even immediately. A card and a click to step up two credits is a meager improvement but it is a step up in board state.

Everything after that is pure gravy. Even if the runner takes the first opportunity to run and trash it you've cost them a click and two credits to turn it off. The net trade here leaves you both out one click, with the corp up two credits and the runner down two. Three in Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon. If they don't immediately pounce on it feel free to squint quizzically at them from across the table at the start of every turn as you roll those credits up.

Outside of Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon you've got Off the Grid to add more headache to this card. Crisium Grid optional.

Outside of Weyland, Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center can get some use out of this to provide a little economy boost and annoyance for the runner plus draw. Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions can turn this into a prohibitively expensive trash and fuel all your Snare! or other traps. Prettymuch anyone having a good time going wide should take a look at it.

This is a card I expect the runner will want to immediately trash, and that's fine. As stated, even if they immediately answer it with a run unless they're playing Whizzard: Master Gamer or packing things like Scrubber / Paricia this trade works out in your favor.

Just popping in to say, my favorite part of this card is the flavor text. Citizens United much? —