Does your opponent have a critical card their deck is built around? Blackmail Val? Chameleon-saurus Hayley? Ice destruction Whizzard? Pitch those linchpin cards into the garbage! Even if you DON'T kill critical cards, for 2 credits and a click you now know exactly what the runner is holding and if you have a safe scoring window.

A fun interaction; call "I've Had Worse", perhaps before your SEA-Scorch. They have to trash em, but because they didn't trash it with damage, they don't get free draws! Also, feel free to review their discard pile before calling your target; it's in the core rules that you're allowed to review your opponent's discard at any time, so you can get some insight into what you might want to kill.

Try targetting Levy as their stack gets thin for some real tears!

And, of course, if you have more than one of them in hand you can do one, and even if it whiffs, you know exactly what they're holding and can now target something that will REALLY hurt.

NBN is a particularly easy Alliance to activate, also, since every corp deck is going to run 3 Jacksons. Many decks are probably NBN-allied without even trying.

This is a very fun card, I'm going to try playing around with using this instead of Housekeeping in my Argus deck, for targetted destruction instead of the added stress pressure of a possible 1/turn discard they get to choose.

Pretty significant influence savings if you go the alliance route. I love a bargain! —
I'm thinking Chronos Protocol with 3 Jacksons, 3 Kala Ghoda Real Tvs, and 3 of these. Target their programs in most cases. If you are playing MaxX then go for their levys and same old things. —
This is also the obvious counter to trash decks centered around the upcoming Fear the Masses. —
In Chronos Protocol, I got a surprise flatline (surprising to both of us,) because I had 2x Neural EMP and this, and he had three cards. EMP once, look at hand, Salem the two Turning Wheels, EMP for the kill. —

In-faction, use this basically like you would a gear check Ice Wall. If 3 bailiffs are your only Barrier ICE, then you've got the gear check ETR in place and after they get out their breaker / fracter and start going through it, it turns into effectively a pop up window income stream. You are a little riskier playing this as your check compared to an ice wall, since it costs one credit more and is 0 str so it dies instantly to a parasite; if you rez it, they bounce, and immediately parasite you're worse off than you would be having used an ice wall in the same situation. But with Parasite and clone chip on the MWL, you can at least find small satisfaction in this thing soaking up one of the three to five parasite firings, I guess.

I can't imagine any reason you would ever want to splash for this over a Pop-up Window at 2 influence, but in faction I can see a lot of use for it. Especially given how awful Weyland can be to the runner when you're rich, and how hard it can be to GET rich as any alternative weyland ID that isn't Blue Sun: Powering the Future. Those extra credits from bailiff really add up...

Despite the obvious interaction, I can't imagine Sub Boosting this unless you are 100% certain you're playing against someone with very limited supplies of ICE destruction and card bounce, but if you ARE certain this can become a quite annoying little source of economy sitting on top of your R&D or HQ.

Keep your eyes peeled for further interactions in the rest of the mumbad cycle, this has the potential to be a nice little bump for all sorts of Weyland decks. If you're including an ICE wall in your wey deck with no particular plans to exploit the advancability, consider swapping this in instead.

In faction pop-up window with gear checking abilities sounds fun to me. Get to take my pop-ups out and use the influence on something meatier. —

Compare the text here to, say, Builder, Shipment from Kaguya , Shipment from SanSan, and Trick of Light . Or perhaps Hollywood Renovation, or Firmware Updates.

Do you see something missing?

Unlike every other card that places advancement tokens for you, this one does NOT specify "...that can be advanced" on your advancement tokens that can be placed. This implies you can put advancement tokens on things that normally can't be advanced. Meaning you can bait traps by "advancing" something that isn't an agenda or trap that depends on advancement tokens. Or, perhaps, put tokens on a Woodcutter while it is face down and rez it with tokens already in place.

Barring an explicit ruling that that was an oversight in the card text and it works differently than that, I can see a real astonishing amount of fun coming out of this in silly ways.

Mushin No Shin, Tennin Institute and Dedication Ceremony already have such a wording. It is legal to put advancement counter on cards that cannot be advanced with them. —
PAD Factory allows you to put an advancement token on an already rezzed (and well protected) Haas Arcology AI, threatening a FA agenda next turn. —
Can you put advancement tokens on a agenda which was put on glenn station? Because unlike the other cards this one doesn't say the card has to be installed. —
@GreyestWolf PAD Factory doesn't say installed card, but the current (as of the time of this comment) FAQ does: "Unless otherwise noted, a card ability that requires a player to choose a card can only choose installed cards." —
It's not clear that card you place the advancement token has to be your card. Why not put advancement tokens on your opponent's Kati Jones. They'll be safe there until you draw Trick of Lignt. Or is this not supported by the rules. —