Interesting utility. I can see some possible uses with professor or exile not that either of those are terribly competitive ID's. Not a great way to build a rig. If the thing wasn't 4 influence it would be a nice splash into something like Ken or Steve Cambridge.

It could still be worth an include into criminal. Use it when having all three bird breakers in hand, then bounce them back to hand by derezzing ICE to prevent them from getting trashed from Diana's Hunt. —
Way too expensive in my book. I do think it's decent with the birdies, I didn't think of that. But influence-wise it's a hard sell. —
This card costs too much to be useful in anything but extreme fringe cases. Love the idea, though. —

What a great card for crushing runner econ. Combined with the also new Financial Collapse the corp has a serious mad on for killing resources.

This is going to put in a big push for event and click based econ.

In specific terms looking at things like Hatchet Job, Fairchild 1.0 are going to kill off anything left behind or stick it back in your hand to force you to pay the cost again.

Or you can go blanket econ kill and pair with things like Student Loans to really put a hurt on anything but hardware and program based econ.


As a 0-influence neutral card this could see inclusion at just about any level.

I wonder at the cash econ of 4 credits for 1 card but that doesn't really have to be the end does it?

There don't appear to be any good runner cards that benefit you for drawing a card. There is Net Mercur which would let you spend a stealth credit as part of the 2 cost and draw a card and either draw another or replace the credit. Not an efficient use of the two cards but a better deal at 1 real credit per card.

One difficulty here is that you can't damage yourself and not all corps are going to have damage dealing cards in their deck. This could fairly rapidly turn into a dead draw if you're playing against fast advance or some other deck that doesn't care what you're running.

It isn't just 4 creds for 1 card, it might as well be 10 creds for 4 cards... Once you take a singgle point of damage the paid ability stays usable for the remainder of the turn. It might be expensive, but you can use this to draw lots of cards after taking damage, easily refilling your hand or preparing or your turn if you take damage on the Corp turn. —
Also more importantly you can draw up after getting hit by damage and before getting hit by MORE damage in order to avoid being flatlined. Won't help against BOOM! most of the time, but other stuff... —
So kind of a runner side panic button? Still would be nice if you could somehow ensure that the corp is going to damage you rather than just hoping. I don't think this is going to replace I've had worse for damage avoidance even if plascrete cycles out. —
This is insurance against #traffic accident + #scorched earth combo. —

Weyland has only three currents at present. This at 3 is the most expensive of them.

Housekeeping and Paywall Implementation have both been in the meta for a while now. Paywall is a nice econ card given that weyland isn't always great at stopping runs outright, might as well pull a credit from it when you can.

Housekeeping is almost like an extra taxing ice given that every time the runner wants to add to their rig they're putting another card draw in the heap. Click compression is nice but really that's a Hass trait more than anything. If you're already rigshooting it's not a bad addition but it won't kill programs outright just give them an earlier excuse to levy.

Enter Door to Door. Weyland has needed better tagging options for ages. The weyland kill package has made the rounds of every other faction and finally might come back home.

Since Prisec came out last pack the options for reflexive periodic tagging have increased. This is a taxing tag and not an operational one like Hard-Hitting News but it can still force the runner into some hard choices about their clicks.

Also it's nice that it doesn't stop once the tag is on, it keeps shooting every turn.

Downside on this is that Weyland doesn't help with traces very well. This is a low power trace which is going to cost you money on any runner with at least 1 link. And Weyland's biggest source of recurring credits The Root doesn't allow for trace spending.

This makes it a cheaper in faction City Surveillance without a trash cost.

Logically the runner is going to pay the 1. It's cheaper to keep paying that 1 cred until you can steal an agenda than it would be to clear the tag. Maybe this calls for pairing with something oddball like DNA Tracker to clear out loose credits but I think weyland is still going to need to borrow heavily from NBN for trace ice like Data Raven making bigger ticket purchases out of the picture.

Or you could invest in a Primary Transmission Dish and a few tracer-tag ice and really make them fear a Boom! is lurking in hand. —

The really odd bit with both this and Paperclip appears to be their connection to either Omar or Null. Coming along in the same block they should be one or the other's chosen programs but the install from heap aspect doesn't seem to help either one very much.

Looking forward to the third part of this act, they might make a compelling setup for Exile: Streethawk if the influence costs don't break the bank for him.

They work nicely with Null because you can discard them from your grip to lower the strength of the ICE and then immediately install them. —
While Paperclip and Black Orchestra do synergize nicely with Null, you unfortunately wouldn't be able to discard and install them on the same encounter as YourGo suggests - the breakers need to already be in the heap when you encounter the ICE. —
See that's what I thought, they're not huge memory hogs and they don't have a natural self trash point like lady or rex. You could run them with Maxx and just hope they get dumped early. Or you could run a bunch of deck thinners to get them there more quickly. But having to pay their whole cost from heap isn't great when you have to wait for a gear check to trigger them. —
Install from heap may be more useful for Omar, if you're running Obelus (extra card draw, you're likely to overdraw, so Paperclip and Black Orchestra are good options to discard in that way). And, given the pressure he naturally puts on central servers, being able to bring out a breaker on demand when encountering ICE seems like an effective way of adding to that pressure. —
these breakers make Inject better than ever : more money, no drawbacks —
Use Wyrm to beat the gearcheck the first time, then install the proper breaker? Wait, hang on, that sentence starts with "Use Wyrm" —
Official clarification would be useful, but I think Null could trash and then install Black Orchestra or Paperclip. Both trigger on encounter, and simultaneous triggers are chosen and resolved sequentially, so I think you can choose and resolve Null's trigger, then choose and resolve Black Orchestra's trigger. —
I don't think so; a similar scenario happens where you can't take money from Daily Casts on the same turn that you install it with The Supplier. Black Orchestra has to already be in the heap in order for its ability to trigger at all. —