I think people are underestimating this. It finally gives Crim a inf-free draw option without the massive downside of Fisk. (I don't like giving the corp cards at all.) And I think the combination of the fitering and not having Fisk's drawback makes it feel like a good source of burst draw with a little filtering to sweeten the deal. it saves you 2 dots of inf per copy over normal diesel which is nice for crim ids that want to spend their inf elsewhere. I actually really like this for Khan especially given she's only 12 inf

<p>To be fair, if you run <a href="/en/card/02085">HQ Interface</a> and <a href="/en/card/05035">Legwork</a>, then <a href="/en/card/08105">Fisk Investment Seminar</a>'s downside of corp draw can be an upside. The real advantage of this card over it as in-faction draw is that it's not a Priority event, in my opinion. Frees up your Priority click for <a href="/en/card/05032">going fast</a> or <a href="/en/card/10058">looking cool</a> or <a href="/en/card/06018">making friends</a>, etc.</p> —

I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on this card when they should not.

neutral zero influence +mu is great if you don't have the influence for Akamatsu Mem Chip or DZMZ Optimizer, which are good and worthwhile spends of influence are are more reliable if all you care about is fulfilling your MU needs efficiently.

HOWEVER, do NOT sleep on the second sentence on this card. +1 max hand size on a non-unique hardware is better than you think. despite the obvious thing people have pointed out as it makes any card draw you run better because it's less you have to discord, but a lot of people are forgetting having a bigger grip size helps you not die to kill! Not only is it more cushion against net/meat damage, +1 max hand size can effectively cancel out the effects of any brain dmg you get! the MU is just great upside on top of that, especially since this is non-unique you can get a lot of value from having these in your rig.

So assuming you need a source of cheap non-console MU that saves you a bit of influence, this is a good card to run because it also provides the upside of potentially helping protect you a bit from kill, and especially for effectively counteracting brain damage, just by having it in your rig, and it gets better depending on what you're playing for draw power, and how much help your deck might need v.s. kill, especially if you're going "tag me". and hey, If you run Aesop's Pawnshop, you can always get rid of it when you don't need it anymore!