Event: Priority - Run • Cost: 1 • Influence: 2

Play only as your first click.

Make a run and gain .

Tenma clones are excellent at multitasking, their brains custom-made for parallel processing.
Criminal • Samuel R. Shimota • Honor and Profit 32
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Early Bird

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Another Kenny-themed piece, next to Express Delivery, Public Terminal and, in a way, Clone Retirement. Is it any good? Let's see!

As a Criminal, you are going to spend quite a lot of time running with event cards. What do you play events for? For starters, to sneak around, to borrow some creds, to eat yoghurt, among many other things. That's what we all know. You rarely get to play these cards on your first click each turn - when you actually use these, you really, really want them to succeed - you take some time to set it up or else waste a good thing and fall behind your opponent.

This card, though, is different. This is a run to be played strictly as your first click. And it is your most genuine, vanillia run without any fireworks. If you succeed, that's cool - you managed to snatch a fifth in your turn and made it count, not exposing yourself to risks of getting a fatal stroke. If you don't succeed, you are back at four (provided the Corp didn't hand you your butt in a disposable bag).

What does this mean? Well, since the former happens rarely and most times you are going to screw this one run up, there is one field in which this Run is exceptional - for 1 (or 0, if you are cool enough), you get a click-free facecheck! And you can facecheck for a number of reasons - to simply get to know what's in the box, to make the Corp lose some creds for rezzing and sometimes even let himself off the guard (possibly clearing the way for other, meaner Run events you've got in store?). With a combination of proper sense and some sheer luck, this card might work similiar to Forged Activation Orders, and who wouldn't like more of this stuff?

But apart from our white-haired driver and his partners in crime, there is one guy in particular who may like this card. Enter Adam and his compulsions - Early Bird might either be a way to save an otherwise wasted click or a way to break any one subroutine for just a click instead of two.

It is two influence a piece, and given the card's specific usefulness I highly doubt we are going to see it outside Ken's own pocket - and even if so, certainly not outside Criminal faction, as it best fits their playstyle - with Adam being a possible exception. But who knows?

You could play this with comet. You'd get the run and the free event and then still have four clicks do draw, make bank or set up. —