This card works great with Şifr. If the Sage is the only program taking up memory it will have 4 STR and also be able to break even stronger ice if we use Şifr's abilty.

Not the best card, but I thought that it was worth pointing out the synergy. Maybe a deck could be built around it when Adept from Terminal Directive also comes out.

If you need 2 copies of Sifr (to have a decent shot at drawing it before you need it) that's a whopping 8 influence in Shaper with the new MWL though. Running 2 copies of Sage in Anarch is still 6 influence. That's expensive. Also you need some MU for a Sentry breaker so unless you pack extra MU hardware you're not going to get that 4 STR. And when you need to pay 6 to break 3 subs the efficiency win from a single breaker is going to have a heavy credit cost. —
You see, the problem with Şifr is that it's hard to find a card that doesn't work great with Şifr. But your review is otherwisely valid. Just... not very... Hmph. —

Şifr might be worth combining with this card. If my understanding of the rules is correct, if you reduce ice strength to 0 while playing Prey, you may trash 0 of your installed cards to trash the 0 strength ice. If this is correct, Şifr would make this a 0, Forked, Knifed and Spooned all in one card. And, unlike the cutlery events, you are not limited to the first piece of ice you break subroutines on, you get to choose which of the ice you want to trash.

Thankfully, the text reads 'when you pass a piece of ice', which means the encounter has finished and the ice has returned to it's normal strength. —
^ this. —
Yeah you are right. Prey is crap. —
Actually, it's not that crappy. It specifically trashes stuff that doesn't hard stop you, which is great for Apex, who can't easily be stopped thanks to Endless Hunger. And it gets easily rid of low strength ICE (even taxing ones like Komainu). And what you said in your review still holds, for the most part: it's a 0 cost ICE trashing event that can target any ICE (not just the first), regardless of type. Of course, for being that flexible and powerful it needs to have a steep price to not be plain imba and that price is trashing your own stuff. —
If I use DDos to bypass a piece of ice can I use Prey? —

It is worth noting that Macrophage combos great with Aryabhata Tech even (or rather especially) when your opponent doesn't run any viruses in his deck, because he has no incentive to fight the first 3 traces. Since this ice has 7 strength, it's trace subroutines are definitely going to fire. So he will lose and you will gain 3, and then he will have to beat your trace when you fire your last subroutine. So now we have 3 virus wrecking, taxing, money making, end the run code gate. What more do you want?

Probably the NBN: Making News ID ability.

And Chief Slee :D (sounds like a joke, but works surprisingly well) —
I dont know about that, slee would get 4 counters, that one short from the magic number, its a little clumpsy to use —
That's just about 5 meat damage for 5 credits on one ice encounter, where Scorched would require a tag, 3 credits to spare and < 3 cards in grip, and is usable once. —

I love this agenda! With link being so hot right now, especially with Nexus Kate, this could be devastating against those kinds runner of decks. NBN: Making News and Surveillance Sweep along with a few good tracer ice like Resistor, Archangel or Assassin will work wonders with this card. Either you will win most of the traces or make a ton of money. Or win the trace after the trace where you made a ton of money. It does work every turn!

However, this is more of a silver bullet card than anything else and it's an NBN 4 for 2 agenda, so it will be hard to put more than 1 or 2 in most corp decks. You probably won't be able to build a deck around it, but you could include 1 of these as a nasty surprise. Have fun!