Real good against 419: Amoral Scammer and GPI Net Tap. Just like Psychic Field. Uh. It's also highly inconsistent. Just like Psychic Field. This card is probably never worth rezzing. It's on expose effect is the only worthwhile thing about it.

Great card! Especially useful against Miraju and Kakugo out of Jinteki. Allows you to smash a Corp's piece of ICE for one click and two credits, plus whatever it costs to break. 5 Influence means that you'll never see this card outside of Anarch, and that's probably good. As of writing, this sees a lot of use, especially with Khumalo, Laamb, and Yusuf.

It's important to note the downsides of this card as well - only works on the outermost ice and can't be recurred (a la Parasite). —

Seems of dubious use. Best case scenario, you rez at the end of the Runner's turn and they have a full grip. Then, you gain 3 credits -- breaking even.

I guess you could pair it with Palana Agroplex.

Definitely works well with Palana too. The best use of this card is forcing the runner to keep drawing... and then eventually run out of stack. Great for PU builds, is non-unique, and gives money to boot. —