ICE: Trap • Rez: 2 • Strength: 0 • Influence: 3

Whenever It's a Trap! is exposed, do 2 net damage.

The Runner trashes 1 of his or her installed cards. Trash It's a Trap!.

I warned you.
Jinteki • Liiga Smilshkalne • Old Hollywood 90
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It's a Trap!

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The three stages of "It's a Trap!":

Stage 1: [reads the card for the first time] "WHOA THIS IS GREAT"

Stage 2: [re-reads the first sentence] "Wait... when exposed? This doesn't seem that great."

Stage 3: [filed into your collection, never to be seen again]

I'm glad I'm not the only one :D I actually put it in a deck the week that the pack came out thinking I could chum it for 5 net damage... —
I'm starting to think FFG regretted making Au Revoire + Snitch a thing. So the answer was give Jinteki all the counters. (This, Ancestral Imagery, Upgrade that requires a program trash to jack out... ) —
Port Anson Grid, for whoever's still reading comments for this card. —

Since exposing is very underutilized in Netrunner, it isn't very likely that the net damage will ever land. (Unless you are playing against Silhouette: Stealth Operative, but she isn't very popular either.)

Trashing a program for a click and two credits is good value, but it's the runners choice, which severely limits the punch in the mid and late game. Also, if there is a Crypsis or Overmind on the board it is worthless.

At 3 influence, it's not even likely to be splashed, so there is no surprise factor with it being played out of faction. All in all, a very weak trap, although the flavor is fun.

aaaand it doesn't even have to be a program, as I just noticed. so the runner could just trash a nearly depleted Armitage...even worse. —
Even if exposing were popular - which I agree, it's not - and even if exposing ICE were common, rather than the focus being on cards in servers to see if they're worth breaking into or not - the runner's not going to expose this more than once to find out what it is. So it's at best a one-off hit of 2 net damage. —
Only possible use I can see for it is to counteract Au Revior/Snitch builds, and then they'll just run a different server instead. I like defending cards, but so far, this one is utterly terrible. —
I think this ICE has potential with other ICE like crick or architect - it's worth trying out in my opinion —
I didn't think about Snitch, but yeah, that's definitely an edge case. Crick combo could be cool. Maybe in Industrial Genomics? —
I think it could work in a range of decks, including Genomics providing you have multiple cricks and ways to deal with decoders. I personally see it's a trap as support for Jinteki code gate decks that use lag time and encrypted portals - this will then force them to pay big bucks to break crick over and over or repeatedly forfeit installed cards to trap —
OK, bit of a noob question but is exposed not the same as if the runner encounters it? Technically if he didn't know what it was it is now exposed. —