In a game recently I had one of these, a San San and a Cyberdex Virus Suite installed vs Noise. I had rushed an Astro early, so had a counter. I install on the San San, he installs Clot off of a Peddler, milling an Astro into Archives. I double advance the Astro, rez the Cyberdex/San San and score, install the Astro from Archives, use the two Astro tokens to score it, install a Breaking News from hand and use the new Astro token to score that - 5 points, one paid ability window, gg.

This card allows you to do nuts things :)

That's... that's insane. —
holy fuck lol —

A piece of ice that can't be bypassed? Looks great on paper right? The problem with Guard is that the most common source of bypassing ice (Femme Fatale) can just break this anyway. If it had been strength 4 or a barrier, for example, then I think it would justify it's 4c rez cost. As it is, there are too many other good options to justify a card whose only purpose is to block an Inside Job.

(I will make one final remark in this cards favour however - Inazuma Guard I have found to quite an effective early game scoring server.)

With patch this is really nice, a 4 strength sentry that cant be bypassed! —
This is almost a 1 of in every Corp deck I have, no matter what. And yes to stop Inside Job, dude that card can eat you alive! I usually install it in front of a piece, and if they don't Inside Job, I don't even REZ it, sounds silly right? The other way is this is a great turn 2 scoring window, altho a Knight can wreck it, or SMC on board can wreck you, but still, as a 1 of? Done! —
Don't forget-this is a Sentry with and —
End the Run subroutine —
Don't forget about Feint next time you play an OTG Weyland... —