This review is based only on the math of the card and not actual testing. Everything here is early theory and should not be regarded otherwise. That out of the way lets look at the card.

Breaker bay grid is a neutral 0 influence region. What does it do? its an "asset economy" card except its not an asset. This card gives you credits every time you want to rez another asset or upgrade in the same server. Bear in mind that ICE is not installed in a server, but protecting it, so it does not help rezzing ICE. It would easily be quite broken if it did. Installing this on an eve campaign will net you 5 credits when/if you rez that eve, or 4 in case of adonis. Added to that if the runner doesnt pay the 2 extra to trash this it is possible it can be used again for another campaign. So in this regard its similar to cards like hedge funds or restructure: a burst 4-5 credits, with added upside in that it may refire. The downsides are there to compensate though; the card can be trashed in HQ or RnD or the campaign can be cleaned and the upgrade left by the runner to repeadetly security test on. Another way to use this upgrade is with other upgrades like Ash or Caprice niseii. Bear in mind that it is impossible to use it with grids like sansan. Often you would only get 2 credits this way, but a lot of upgrades could be stacked in a server, and the defensive upgrades help ensure the bay can be refired. Using it this way is more comparable with drip econ, but does not leave weak remotes for security testing or bank jobs. Finaly it is just another card that can be installed face down in a remote and look like a tonne of other cards. Maybe you can get the runner to think it's defending your agendas, or it itself is an agenda, and make the runners decisions to run less informed.

Do notice the rez cost is reduced as long as the grid is rezzed. This is not blue suns wet dream, but picking up the grid and then the adonis/root later is still good value for 2 clicks.

All in all this seems like an economy card with high potential, but do bear in mind that it does nothing on its own. It only gives the 2 4 5 or whatever number of credits if you can rez something on it. The card is easily tournament quality even if there won't be a deck for it right away it produces a lot of money rather quickly if a deck can ensure it firing, and pays off sometimes almost as early as the transactions, leaving a mark for the runner to deal with before it fires again. The card is however not usable in any and all decks like hedge funds, jackson howard, daily business show etc.

Can't use with San San. —
Daily reminder that with The Root - this card becomes a pretty cool combo! Might not be able to use it for San San - but there are plenty of other uses for a 5 discount on assets! —
It also can be combined with Awakening Center. —
Sry, but why can i not use it with SanSan? —
Nevermind... —
i did miss awakening center. I did not miss that you cannot use it with regions, i even specifically mentioned it can't be used on sansan"Bear in mind that it is impossible to use it with grids like sansan." —

Economy options for HB:ST? Yes please!

If the runner ignores the card completely and plays like he would normally against HB:ST, this card can quickly pay a lot of credits back. If the runner tries to play around it and run without many clicks on unrezzed ice, then the downside of bioroids is less applicable, and the upside of ST shines through. If you trash it, then its like a pad campaign (except you don't pay to rez this card, like you do pad). And that card is good enough for quite a few decks.

I won't say this is for HB:ST what sundew was to J:RP, but there exists similarities...

Another brilliant card to start of a new cycle.

Paige looks awesome on the paper, but you really need to want her effect badly for her to warrent a deck slot (or more often than not 3)

The ability can be seen as extra draws; whenever you draw what should have been a redundant copy of a card Paige replaces the dead draw with a gas draw. That is pretty good. But she only works after being installed herself. If you just throw her in a Quetzal deck with deep red(3x) The supplier(3x) herself(3x) and e3(3x) as the targets, you have 12 cards in a 45 card deck. Now the first of these cards you draw isn't necessarily Paige herself. On average she will be the like 3rd card (of the 12 of course). So there is a pretty big chance you only get to thin out 4 cards (the extra copies of herself plus one other card) Now the pay off isn't even immediately after installing a card with her, only when you are about to draw that card. if you thin out 4 cards in a 45 card deck there is a pretty big chance you get to see almost all the 41 others, so I will allow that you save about 4-6 clicks over the course of the game with Paige. Is that worth a slot? Remember you also need to draw Paige herself and install her, 2 clicks with no real impact on the table so the net gain is more like 2-4. Sure that's more work than some other economy cards like sure gamble, diesel, daily casts etc., but these cards pay off a LOT faster. We are talking about gaining about 3 clicks during the course of an entire game here.

What I am trying to say is not that this is a bad card. Not at all. But I think its one of those cards that you really can only throw in very few decks, build around having this type of effect. Just 3 other cards that you want to thin is not that kind of deck. Having a LOT of unique, and/or ways to recur the thinned out cards is required.

Valencia has been mentioned as an ID that wants this card more, but do remember that the 50 slots also means you find Paige later. Don't assume you start with her in play. (the same applies; you need a lot of unique for this to be worth a slot)

This is an excellent point. Having tested Paige a bit after I wrote my review, I realized that being able to get Paige early enough is a significant challenge. Additionally, her ability only fires on the first time you install a card each turn, meaning it's a delayed payoff. —
For Paige, Supplier and Kati Jones (in a 45/15 identity), a single splash of Hostage will do well for finding Paige first hand. And then again, there's always something else to do than installing those uniques on first turns. Draw a few times, install a Datasucker or something, or Hedge Fund, and you should most of the time find her within the first 12 or so cards at least. If not, you've already dug out the useful cards anyways. —

Mass install is an interesting card. The maths doesn't work in its favor like Diesel, but for 1 credit 1 card and 1 action you get a burst of 3 installs, usually taking an action each. But it requires you to have the 3 programs you want to install in hand at the same time and until then it just takes space. I think an argument can be made for this in decks that run wyldside (and with the recent release of earthrise, I don't know how many of those we will see) as it takes 4 cards out of your hand, meaning you are less likely to have to discard if you run this turn.

I mostly see this as a noise card. Noise is the id most likely to want wyldside, and he is the runner most likely to have 3 programs in hand at any given time, and the burst mill might what you want after a jackson has just been removed from the remotes, or if you already have a shard ready to go (The runner has the priority after a runner takes an action, as it is their turn, so jackson cannot be used in this scenario)

3 credits 3 MU. A pretty good deal if you need the extra utility. If you can't utilize the full effect though, the Dyson option provides just a little bit of link, which could save a little money against tracing ice, but even if you only need 2 memory more than what your console supports, this is a good deal. Cybersolutions has been in some of my shaper decks, and this is basically the anarch version. A bit less flexible, but bigger, and at the same cost even though anarch does not get the Mac credit.

Compared to Djinn, the fact that the vira does not need to be hosted is a big upside. Djinn needs to be on the table before the vira hit, this doesnt. A card installed on Djinn cannot be hosted on scheherazade, and parasites cannot be hosted on Djinn. Djinn does give the tutor abillity in trade for this though, and with earthrise as an option to replace wyldside, there might even be time to use that.