Fun for virus replay in Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire, such as Cache. Some Noise decks tend to use Scavenge for their virus replay and recursion, with Uninstall you might loose the possibility of getting something back from the discard pile, but you get 2 influence points back, which is pretty good.


Just to add two more COMBOs not mentioned in @ODie 's post:

(1) For a deck with a lot of expensive programs, you can Inject early game and quickly Retrieval Run.

(2) If you want to have a higher chance of abussing Test Run combos, you can Test Run on a turn; and on the next turn then Inject to trash the program and Retrieve.


NOTE: this card makes key cards stronger:

SNARE! would do 4 net damage with if the runner wants to trash it from RnD or HQ.

Project June bug, Cerebral Overwriter and such do an extra net damage if the runner wants to trash them after access. In general, 0 trash cost now becomes one-net-damage trash cost.

This will probably be interesting in Jinteki: Chronos Protocol decks: every time the runner trashes a card, the Corp gets to snipe one card. It would be interesting to see if anyone comes up with an intentionally delicate trash cost build to make this card shine; somehow always forcing the runner to make a tough choice between thrashing and taking net damage or letting the Corp keep a card that will cost them later (Caprice Nisei or Ambushes).


As of the time this review is made, this card only is only useful with:

Nisei MK II Braintrust House of Knives Executive Retreat

Note: Labyrinthine Servers uses Power Counters, not agenda counters.

I suspect this card is either intended to work well with Nisei MK II, hence offering Jinteki its own kind of Astro-train, or we'll just have to wait and see what other cards come in the Sansan cycle that synergyze with it.


The card that will force Runners to have currents in their decks, if only to get rid of this card quicker...

Possibly not as OP as it seems at first sight, but I really hope it has some nice art ... since I suspect I'll have to be looking at it from across the table more times than I'd like to.

This card goes beyond 'synergy' for the Weyland Scorch strategy: forcing the runner to refresh their hand more often than normal, it both helps keep their Grip smaller AND force them to loose clicks in replenishing... BoNkErS