A powerful and game changing ICE, Janus has a natural home in Blue Sun. It's 15 rez cost is backbreaking to hard rez but one simple Oversight AI later and it's in the bank. In a kill oriented deck, the possibility of inflicting multiple brain damage means grinding the runner's handsize to almost nothing if it hits. If. Runners have multiple ways of getting through this. Shaper's have Deus Ex. Anarchs have Da4id (though they still have to click that last sub), and Criminals always use Faerie. However, in Blue Sun you can bounce the that curtain wall and bluff the janus!

The Root is a surprisingly good economic asset. At home in glacier decks, it’s flexible utility can mean a Beanstalk Royalties every turn. It may be thought about in terms of Prepaid VoicePAD; It pays you for what you want to do already: install ice, rez defences, and score agendas. The Root can also help leverage an economic advantage. With Blue Sun: Powering the Future, any remaining credits on The Root can be converted into real credits by rezzing upgrades like Crisium Grid and Ash. Adonis Campaign becomes even more threatening by turning him into, at most, a six credit gain every turn. The Root in concert with Executive Boot Camp can also squeeze more value into your ice by turning empty Hives into four credit gains by rezzing them at a steep discount and pulling them back with Blue Sun. It has does a few downsides. It’s rez to trash ratio is unfavorable early because it is a six credit investment for a moderate tax, and it takes a few turns before it pays for itself. The best window to catch The Root as the Runner is like the sexbots; right after rezzing and before it’s been used. Finally, it competes for deckspace with Midseasons/SEA Scorch. That said, The Root has a home in decks who want to leverage an economic advantage into locked down servers and breezy scoring.

Rez-to-trash cost is not so bad because usually you would only rez it when you can immediately use those recurring credits. This makes it effectively 3 rez / 4 trash, which is better, only need to use it once more to have got solid value from it. —