This is pretty fun. Here are some trigger scenarios that are pretty great.

Scenario 1: Place this on R&D and, if the cards in hand requirement is met, swap the top card with a Snare! from hand. This seems more likely to happen vs Faust decks, getting that flatline before their Obelus draw triggers.

Scenario 2: Placed on the most taxing server, trigger to swap a big ICE from HQ to be the next highest ICE in R&D. Then Mutate next turn.

Scenario 3: Placed on R&D, swap an otherwise stolen agenda for an operation or ICE from HQ.

Scenario 4: Vice versa for HQ.

As for getting those triggers... I'm sure Chairman Hiro can figure out a way to tax the runner and do net damage during a run ;)

Doesn't Obelus trigger first? —
Obelus triggers at the end of the run. —

GPI Net Tap seems, like most runner cards of this cycle, to have a strong synergy with other Flashpoint, Core and faction big box cards.

With Khan, Golden and other released cards up of Blood Money, it seems to promote a credit denial strategy that allows for ICE control.

I think we're meant to:

  1. Drop it and run in the early game, to pressure low value servers, forcing rezzes with no risk.

  2. Run servers after mass credit denial eg. Siphon + Hernando Cortez, for info on that server's ice

  3. Go further with Forged Activation Orders to destroy peeked at ICE in those denial strategies

  4. Between this, Deja Vu and a backup for each main breaker, we criminals should feel relatively secure in our rigs

  5. Still struggle to parse the card art. I love it.

I just can't wait until Snitch is gone. This card can replace it and is much more balanced. —

Global Food Initiative has switched on this ID in a big way. In combination with The Future Perfect and The Many Psi Games of Caprice Nisei and Marcus Batty, getting the win becomes a grind for the runner.

Those two agendas won't cycle out either. Add Econ and ICE to taste.

Totally agree and something I think is also worth mentioning when looking at this ID in combination with Global Food Initiative, which is currently a 'must include', is that you only have the incredibly low 9 remaining influence to play with. —

Reasons to like Shannon Claire:

  1. Shannon's great for making sure no-one ever sees that Government Takeover or Vanity Project, allowing for decks to have lower effective agenda densities (card italics are becoming increasingly instructional).

  2. Shannon saves you from flood by letting you hide a single agenda in Archives and then slip it into R&D before it's scored, much like Jackson Howard.

  3. Unlike Jackson, she'll survive datapack rotation.

  4. By recurring Shannon, or installing another copy, she'll let you fetch that agenda in a timely manner.

  5. Great rez to trash ratio.

  6. Relatively low influence cost.

I'd also add that she combos with Daily Business Show if you actually want both cards you draw. Overall, she looks like a less powerful Jackson Howard, but with the addition of a much safer Agenda stashing ability. —
There is also the possibility of completely negating an R&D-lock by consistently drawing from the bottom! —
@Capstone Oh my god! You're right! —
@bubbathegoat That's neat, I wonder if there'll be any other "add card to the bottom of R&D" abilities that'll synergise with this. —
Reason #7. She's a foxy lady (also unlike Jackson) —
If Shannon ever becomes a big deal, perhaps after being rotated out, then Showing Off might become a one of in Anarch decks. —
@Capstone The corp can't use this card to negate R&D lock without something to stop the mandatory draw at the start of the corp's turn. —
@bubbathegoat I understood RnD lock to be when the runner sees every card you would draw before you, thus knowing exactly what you will have in hand. This DOES negate that, because you are drawing from the bottom, thus pulling cards in hand that the runner doesn't know anything about. —
@Sabin76 but the runner would still at lest know your mandatory draw unless you used her trash ability to shuffle. —

Less a review and more a thought: with his base link, Iain's a "cloud-compatible" runner. The drip economy when behind compensates for the relatively slow setup time of the criminal cloud suite (Shiv, Spike and Crowbar).

Also e3 Feedback Implants is in faction, allowing for maximum exploitation of the criminal cloud and Creeper (and suggests some Grappling Hook shenanigans, depending on how hard you want to commit to e3 usage).

When you're criminal and import a killer from shaper you're doing something wrong. —
Yeah, if you're going to import a Killer then make it Shrike instead. In fact, Sunny's breakers are worth considering purely because they're great for late game Runners with a big credit pile. —