The Gunboat - Ob Combo Kill - The Métropole Grid

amavric 1953

Weyland's newest identity from Midnight Sun, Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel., offers aggressive consistency alongisde much needed flexiblity. This kill-combo deck utilizes the consistent tutoring of MCA Austerity Policy to setup some unexpected flatlines. Fire the torpedos!

For a rundown of the entire deck, alongside gameplay examples, check out the full video on The Métropole Grid.

This deck offers three different kill-combos.

  1. If you start your turn with a fully loaded MCA Austerity Policy, and a BOOM! in hand [8 credits]:

  2. If you start your turn with an MCA Austerity Policy with two power counters, a BOOM! and a Mutually Assured Destruction in hand [8 credits]:

  3. If you start your turn with ~6 rezzed cards, a BOOM! and a Mutually Assured Destruction in hand [8 credits]:

Cheers! Happy hunting.

28 Jul 2022 Spaced

Watched the video, very nice deck, I would put in a project atlas as the 2 pointer just so you can over score it to search for the boom/mad etc as a nice wee back up plan

28 Jul 2022 Blackwing

Do you ever actually try to score out or only go for the BOOM kill?

28 Jul 2022 ilksvorbern

In the video he scores out in the first match. I guess it's an option!

2 Aug 2022 lopert

I've been working on something similar, here are my thoughts:

The Drago Ivanov line of play seems not great? It requires MCA Austerity Policy surviving another full turn, and costs more inf than the 3rd MCA. I feel like I'd rather have the 3rd MAD.

MCA Austerity Policy tutors: While Marilyn Campaign and Regolith Mining License technically work, they can't convert quickly without Extract and are therefore vulnerable to being trashed when revealed. I think NASX fits this spot better since it can self-trash without the need for Extract. I also think IP Block is a decent 2 coster.

When trashing the MCA Austerity Policy on the kill turn, you can install Spin Doctor to attempt to topdeck any missing combo pieces, as well as give you a trashable for Mutually Assured Destruction.