Just liek Calvin B4L3Y, this card is very good. Because of its cost of 2 influences, it can be moderately splashed outside Haas-Bioroid. Still, this is like Tri-Maf Contact, only better. Because once you trash it, it give an astounding 5 credits differential between the corp and the runner.

Econ wise, it is pretty good. Click for 2 creds instead of 1 is very good. Not amazing, but better than clicking for 1 cred. On top of that, it stay on the board. Tempo wise, it is ok. The amazing part comes from the differential when trashed, and the synergy with cards like Divert Power.

Nanoetching Matrix will see more play in asset spam deck, but is good in any type of deck, except maybe Glacier.

The art is weird and fit with the name of the card. The flavor is excellent. It is a HB card through and through.

<p>Am I the only one who thinks these economy tools should be neutral? I get that it might be too late now, but it feels weird to me seeing cards like this and Green-Level being HB. Low-to-moderate influence to import still is importing cards for other factions. It's a similar idea to the anarch breakers, from Core 1.0 up through the Conspiracy Suite just being better for what they cost.</p> —
<p>I think it IS good in glacier. It just doesn't go in the scoring remote, but in a second remote with a single piece of mid-range ICE, like Turing. If trashed, use the same server for Marilyn instead.</p> —

The main use of Calvin is for asset spam. But it is still a good card anywhere else. The tempo gain with this asset is very good. One click, get two cards, fantastic. Even when it is trashed, you get the effect.

And with only 1 influence, you can splash it anywhere. Litterally any deck is better with it. Of course, Rashida Jaheem give an even better tempo boost. But Calvin does not trash after use. With this, you can litterally install two cards per turn without ever diminishing your hand.

This card pairs well with Divert Power, since it has a rez cost of 0. And with a cost of 3 to trash, it is a tough choice for runner, since the corp gain even more when the runner trash it, by creating a credit differential AND getting 2 cards.

This beg the question : why not use it in every deck. The answer is always the same : there is only so many card possible in a deck, otherwise, this is so good that it should be there nearly all the time.

Did I mention the wonderful art of the card. Sooo good.


Cyberdex Sandbox is the source of the Cyberdex trick. Once score, you will never click for credits. You'll purge, giving you 4 credits for 3 clicks. Additionnaly, any purges will give you 4 creds. Cyberdex Virus Suite become a trap giving you creds. Reverse Infection become better than Hedge Fund. Macrophage has the potential to give 4 creds at every runs. Pretty good.

On top to this, it become the ultimate viruses hate. Purging become something you want to do.

It gets better. This is a neutral agenda. Cyberdex Virus Suite and Macrophage are also neutral. Which mean you can pull the Cyberdex trick with any ID. And if you use Jeeves, you can purge, gain 4 creds and still have 1 click to do something. How much crazy can this get!

Furthermore, if you 2 (or even 3) Cyberdex Sandbox scored, purging will give you more creds than any burst econ card. I-N-S-A-N-E.

The only thing that is keeping this agenda from being more widely used is the 2/4 part. 1/3 and 2/3 agendas can be scored in a turn or even from hand. 3/5 agendas are just more efficient in term of ratio click to points. 2/4 are the worst of the bunch (I'm not talking about 6/9 and 2/5 here, they are specials). 2/4 agendas require special care, because you cannot score them easily and they do not protect themselves like 3/5 agendas.

But what Cyberdex Sandbox lack in self protection is more than made up by powering up the corp. If you build you deck around Cyberdex, Aumakua and viruses using program (Pelangi, Yusuf) become useless. Freedom Khumalo become an almost blank ID. Program that get trashed by purge (like Tapwrm) become impossible to profit. Because Purging is design to cost the corp their turn. But now, you also gain creds from it. It is good enough that you might be purging even without any viruses on the board. To top it off, once you score Cyberdex Sandbox, you gain back all the credits used to score it. That is a lot of tempo.

This is an incredible agenda. It shutdown so many runner plans and speed up the corp. At top tier agenda, in my opinion. Also, I really like orcas (killer whales).


Hokusai Grid is there for grinder deck. It fit perfectly with Jinteki Personal Evolution. And with a cost of 2 influences, it is easily used with other grinder like Builder of Nation.

In a pinch, it will punish runner for using Stargate, Diversion of Fund, Legwork, The Maker's Eye or Khusyuk. It does not stop them like Crisium Grid, but is cost zero influence inside Jinteki. Runners with the aforementionned cards will have to come back to trash the card, taking another net damage in the process. It work wonders in NBN Controlling the Message, because it become a must trash card, thus triggering the ID.

With a cost of 2 and a trash cost of 4, it bring in a good credit differential, along with the pain of 1 net damage. The only drawback is the region effect. Which mean it cannot be paired with other popular region like Crisium Grid or Jinja City Grid.

This upgrade will make any run painful, no matter for what. With Chronos Protocol, it is an absolute beast of a card, allowing the corp to trash the best card in hand.

Outside Jinteki, you might prefers Prisec. But inside Jinteki, Hokusai is very good.


Jinteki Personal Evolution (PE) is the poster child of Jinteki. What it does is always punish the runner for stealing and agenda or letting the corp score an agenda. By default, it is a grinder corp.

Personal Evolution will use the two methods : grinding the runner out of cards and flatlining the runner. The grinding part is normal. Each agenda will cost cards to the runner. Obotaka Protocol cost 5 cards to steal! It is the entire hand of the runner. Now that Film Critic is banned, Jinteki PE is back in business. Before, it was useless, because Film Critic was to prevalent.

Most experienced runner will try to steal on the first click, and then setup. Otherwise, running and stealing become a big gamble. After loosing 1 to 5 cards (depending on the agenda), the runner will be vulnerable to killing tools like Neural EMP, Punitive Counterstrike, Ronin, etc. Thus, experienced runner will run first click, so that they may rebuild their hand after.

Jinteki PE is special, among most corp, because it force the runner to follow the game plan of the corp, rather than the runner game plan.

Grinder deck can be counter with Buffer Drive and/or Synthetic Blood. Jinteki PE allow the protection of agendas with any tools that does damage before the stealing, like Ben Musashi, Hokusai Grid, Prisec, Mganga, etc. Thus making the run a bust from the sheer threat of being flatline the following turn.

It is joyfully hated by most runner. Because denying cards from the runner hand is so nasty. Everytime the runners will score an agenda, they will cringe at the loss of what was in their hand. Losing creds is fine, losing cards feel personal.

Jinteki PE will give the player that incredible feeling of being in control. Often, it will be paired with shell games (ambush type assets), to add to the fun. Winning by flatlining is very different than winning by scoring. It feel... more personal... more... special. Just like the human touch. In a very dark way.