Resource: Virtual • Install: 0 • Influence: 1

Whenever the Corp rezzes a piece of ice, place 1 on Ice Analyzer.

You may use credits on Ice Analyzer to install programs.

"If you know the source code you can write to beat it, or just rejigger it a little and make it yours. That works, too." -Exile
Shaper • Ed Mattinian • Creation and Control 51
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Ice Analyzer

Ice Analyzer is basically Compromised Employee for Shapers. However, there are a few differences between the two, some obvious, some more subtle. They are, from most obvious to least (in my opinion):

That last one can be both good and bad. On the one hand, if it's trashed by, say, Corporate Town, you'll lose all your credits in IA's bank. On the other hand, if you get hit with Closed Accounts, the corp would also have to pay a and 2 per copy of IA with credits on them to completely drain you of your cash available for installs.

Ultimately, I think both cards have their place. In either case, getting them out early is everything. For the most part, I'd just expect IA to be chosen over Compromised Employee for Shapers, and vice-versa for Criminals. Anarachs get their pick between the two, if they really want either, but usually they'd rather spend their influence elsewhere.

"IA is virtual so it can survive Sacrificial Clone" But it dies to Foxfire :( —
Another benefit of it being free is it's good food for Aesop's Pawnshop once you're done with it. —

Can be a surprisingly good card though doesn't see much play, probably because on paper it doesn't look that good. But in my experience with it it actually can save a lot of money, I've actually gotten a Femme Fatale down with this thing paying only 1 that's how much they can save.

I feel this fits best into Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer decks or any Ice Destruction deck as the corp will be resin alot of ICE this way.


Free to Install.

Can give alot of 's.

's are not in your Credit pool so can't be lost. (unless trashed)

Effects are cumulative. (more Ice Analyzer's = more 's per ICE.)

Works on any res of ICE ( Forged Activation Orders / Howler / Oversight AI etc. )

Only 1 Influence to take out of Faction.


It's a resource so can be trashed when tagged.

The longer it takes to get one into play the less useful they become.

Poor against Low Ice decks.

's can only be used on programs (so if you run out of things to install it becomes useless).