Trust Operation

Trust Operation 0[credit]

Operation: Gray Ops
Influence: 3

Play only if the Runner is tagged.

Trash 1 installed resource. Install and rez 1 card from Archives, ignoring all costs.

Identify. Contact. Entrap. Counterintelligence never changes.
Illustrated by Olie Boldador
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Midnight Sun (ms)

#65 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Midnight Sun

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Underwhelming. Tag-punishment cards sit blank 90% of the game and require support cards for landing tags. If you're going to slot cards (and probably influence) for tags, the tag-punishment needs to be solid when it lands. This isn't it.

If this is the strongest tag-punishment in your deck, it's probably a mistake for the runner to clear tags.

(Midnight Sun era)

That's a little hyberbolic, a free archer is a particularly powerful swing, is it going to directly win you the game, no, but if you blow up their sentry breaker or means to get past it with a retribution...

I'm sad the era of gigantic ice like Wotan and Janus 1.0 is over and rotated out, with no real replacements. Because a deck with a bunch of it and Drago Ivanonv and this card to rez huge ice from Archives would be the kind of jank I enjoy trying to setup in kitchen table games.

"That's a little hyperbolic, a free archer is a particularly powerful swing." I’m not sure on particularly powerful here. Boom! instantly wins on 2 tags and when Exchange of Information was legal it was potentially game-winning on 1 tag, or at least significant progress towards a win. Those are a much larger impact than installing and rezzing an ice, which is probably not an effect strong enough to support a $5 price for Building Blocks. (Or, at least, I’ve never seen anyone use Building Blocks out of Blue Sun). Dropping the price of (let’s say) a $5-6 card to $0 is probably not enough compensation for the work and deck slots that go into landing a tag and the huge unreliability around when they will be tagged. At least, I would suggest that the card have some utility when the runner is NOT tagged, like the card normally costs $6 or whatever but is free when the runner is tagged.

This card make Drago Ivanov even more dangerous, especially in NBN: Reality Plus.

Not content from getting its money back from giving a tag, the corp can now trash any ressource at no cost and retrive + install any card from archive.

In Weyland, using this will Public Trail, for example, woud allow the corp to get combo pieces back, like a Bass CH1R180G4 or MCA Austerity Policy (or anything else the corp might need).

This card can combo for some interesting shenanigans, especially in startup. Getting back for free a Refuge Campaign after giving a tag has amazing value. It goes well alongside Retribution to destroy the rig of the runner. Making Weyland very good at tag punishment in startup.

In standard, there are much more impactful tag punishment cards, the most used being probably BOOM!. But I'm sure someone will make it work in an archetype (or alongside Drago Ivanov).

At 3 influences, this will probably never be used outside Weyland, since you get BOOM! for the same price and Retribution for one influence, both of which are much more impactful.

The art is well made and the quote fit the card. Why does it seems that Weyland target mostly anarchists and criminals?

(Midnight Sun era)