I've got a rock! (Undefeated @ Italian Nats Crown of Lasers)

jan tuno 2487

We really hit rock bottom.

I was determined to join Porkobolo's very exclusive Meteor Miners club, so I enlisted QtM for a couple of weeks to try and make the best we could out of Meteor Mining. We tried a bunch of Jemison False Lead builds, we tried some rushier or assety Ob decks, but ultimately what made the most sense was a Venti Matcha Latte shell with a worse win condition.

The game plan is the same old straightforward one: you build a very large remote so you have a lot of rezzed cards that protect each other, then you MAD for enough tags that the Runner can't clear. Then you Shipment from Vladisibirsk + Meteor Mining, usually with a Mavirus backup for Clot.

Gaslight was an absolute MVP, I tutored for it basically every time I fired Urban Renewal, and I shuffled it back with Spin many times so that I could have both MAD and Shipment. Getting MM in hand and keeping it safe for a long enough time is the hardest part but somehow we can do that.

This deck surprised me by being much better than my Runner deck, when I expected the opposite to happen. It got three rock kills against very real runners, plus a timed tie against Anarchomushroom. Just one win would have been a great achievement, but somehow we got to have real fun.


29 Nov 2023 not_yeti

Some of the newer players in EA Sports were playing around with Meteor Mining for jank night, looking at this deck it is like all the ideas we had someone shoved together into a 59 card beast!

Very impressed, incredibly cool, so happy you did well with this.

Jan Tuno decks are the best decks.

1 Dec 2023 alexreynolds

I feel strongly about it and love finding out more about it. If you could, as you learn more, would you mind adding more information to your blog quordle

28 Dec 2023 Ulkrond

I love where you're going with this. I wonder if it could be slimmed down tho.

31 Dec 2023 maninthemoon

This is so silly. I love it!