Silent Arbiter 390

Hi guys, here we are with probably the funniest runner deck I’ve ever played. In this meta full of damages from everywhere I thought that the most funny way to deal with corps is by being the first to damage ourself. So I started to think about how we should do it, and the answer came in the name of Gnat.

Chastushka, Time Bomb and Labor Rights here to sabotage as max as we can, labor soo much powerful, regain us 6hp (3x Harbinger with Heartbeat). And, trust me, we are soooo rich.

Really would have liked to keep all the crazy happy games for me, but sinse I’ve seen 2 players I played against already trying it out I thought it was right to make it public.

I don’t know what else to say, every piece just fits perfectly and I hope, in a BIG KABOS meta, a few people would like to play PE. We are gnat afterall.

Hope you guys will enjoy this deck as much as I do.


27 Dec 2022 Diogene

I see Gnat, I like!

Also, this is a fun take on the archetype! I'll give it a spin for sure.

Thanks for sharing!