Red Skorp. 1st place Zurich Random ID Tournament

qvm 1699

This deck took first place in the Zurich random ID tournament (13 players). My runner was Exile. IDs were publicly distributed a few weeks before, with the most popular IDs and rebirth being banned. As such, Skorpios was one of the luckier draws.

Skorpios won three games and tied one.

There are many ways to build a Skorp deck: Full lockout with a single ice type, Hatched Job / Salem's Hospitality, Batty & destroyers. What all of them have in common: The runner's strategy is to facecheck, try to get into servers and try to snitch a few agendas before breakers hit the table where they are vulnerable to Hunter Seeker or Batty.

So I thought I'd turn it around and put (almost) all the influence into net damage. It's hilarious, and nobody saw it coming.

  • 'Skorp has HQ open, let's try to get some wee-gendies.' Snare! And some breaker is gone, forever.
  • 'Skorp has an ice on R&D, let's poke.' Cortex Lock. Outch.
  • 'I don't need to install my previous fracter, I can always bounce off a barrier. ' Chiyashi. Double outch.

Funny enough, I didn't fire Hunter Seeker a single game.

I would like to thank all my opponents for the fun games. The random ID format is definitely a winner!