Apex Rides Their Chopper into the Sunset (3-0-1 @ ATX CO)

JustFriends 13

Adiós lil' buddy - you've made Apex tons of fun.

This deck uses a fair number of duplicates because we do not want to feel precious about any card - if you need to install face down to chop to find your breakers, do it. You should see that card again soon enough since the basic idea of this deck is to see your entire deck by ~turn 11. With 3 Reavers and DreamNet, should be relatively easy. Plus, with 3 reboots, you're going to have enough HP to take on any kill deck (notably this deck has eaten several Boom!).

A fun realization I had while playing Apex is that most corps will start stacking ICE on centrals b/c they assume you want to Apoc. If you have no plan to do so, you're at an advantage on the remotes. I have 1 Apoc in case things are looking really dire, with an Assimilator to bring back my breakers if needed, but I never had to use it.

I got extremely lucky in the tournament to see kill decks that had no real answer to Apex's health points. Glad I got to give Choppy one final ride before he rotated - I'll miss him ❤️