Apex Midnight Sunrise?

#endgame 123

Threw this together for someone on Reddit, but haven't had time to test it.

Apex rode Chop Bot into the sunset, but will he ride again? The Twinning is an expensive replacement for The Turning Wheel, but it gives us a decent excuse to lean harder into events and run a PPVP platform.

My take on Apex is that Prey is his best card, and in most matchups that means you're going to be trashing many cards in one slug. Chop Bot's departure makes it hard to hit the 1/turn trash, so I cut Wasteland and Reaver, adding Jailbreak for a little more draw. The Wasteland -> PPVP swap is probably a slight improvement to economy, as you go from "1 credit/turn on an awkward trigger" to "1 credit/turn so long as you play an event".

Replacing Creative Commission with Peace in Our Time and trimming the breaker suite opened up some influence for some of my favourite Apex tricks: Boomerang works anywhere if you assimilate it, and Devil Charm lets you Prey big ice for zero cards.

26 Jul 2022 wiriamu

I really like this. How tuned are the trimmed down breaker choices you’ve made? I’m wondering if any of the new breakers in midnight sun, the Cezve program or even Boat hardware could be useful.

26 Jul 2022 #endgame

If you mean tuned for the ICE you might see "in meta", not at all. I selected "pretty good" icebreakers without spending too much influence. The new breakers in Midnight Sun aren't that great if you have to spend influence importing charge, and cheating them out with Assimilator means you don't get charge counters at all.

In Apex, your influence is stretched so thin that a ≥3 influence card has to be extremely impactful to make the cut. Cezve is probably not it. (I would look to fit 3x Rezeki before that.)

The Boat is so much influence that you probably end up with a very different deck.