The Wu from Ipanema (16th at America Continentals - 3/3 )

Quercia 277

Tall and tan and young... and Apoc-ing your board / The Wu from Ipanema goes running / And when she passes / Each Corp she passes goes, ARGH!

This deck was a last minute adaptation of my Apoc Wu that I've been playing for a while but with VRcation, Clot, simulchips and Daredevil included to solve the draw and give it a fighting chance against FA.

The deck indeed got better against FA decks but at the same time slower. Also the recent trend of Ark Lockdowns can hurt a lot when you rely on bin breakers. I will rethink the deck and go back to Cybetroop Talut to give the conspiracy shop more bite. Anyway this deck got some legs and it's a unfinished work. But my girl (from Ipanema) Wu ended up as the top Shaper at the tournament, representing the faction. As the only South American at the tournament I was really happy to bring a homebrew deck to a somewhat decent position at the American Continentals.