The Continentals Grind - 10th @ ACC 2024

wowarlok 1012

In a meta where everyone is running with one or more copies of K2CP Turbine, it takes a special kind of stupid to put all of your eggs in the ice basket.

👋 Hi, I'm Stupid!


This deck is a direct response at what I thought the meta might look like after the results of NANPC Boston.
Much like the list this is based from this one gets to exist and be good for a very short period of time, when the runners are worried about matching the fast pace tempo that some of the corps are putting up and forgo some of their glacier tools in favor of more speed.

Core Parts

While the shell of this deck is quite well known by now, I think it's important to mention why it's good in the current meta and go over some of the choices:

  • The most common breaker suite right now is the famous trio of somewhat fixed breakers helped by the inclusion of turbine to help them reach some amazing break points against almost any ice in the meta. To fight this common pattern I went with as many ice that could reach 6 or more strength as I could fit: Pharos is the obvious MVP of the deck, but Tree Line, Logjam and Akhet are all extremely powerful against most runners' set up.
  • I decided to stick with the 49 cards deck size and slot in Above the Law as a catch all solution to a lot of resources: I expected The Twinning and Urban Art Vernissage to show up a lot and the additional deck slots allowed me to play even more of the expensive ice I wanted to play.
  • Criminals were bound to have a resurgence thanks to the recent ban list update and their general good match up against HB in general. Trojan Horse, Bio Vault and Border Control are great at faicing against many of their tricks and leaving them dead in the water.

What's new

Charlotte Caçador is the newest include in the deck. It works great with Weyland Consortium: Built to Last to generate an immense economic advantage that gets then used to rez and advance all the ice in the list. One downside of Charlotte is that without La Costa Grid she's quite click intensive luckily the deck has no problem playing a little slow and it's usually quite money hungry.


The list finished at a respectable 4-2 closing exactly 50% of its wins with kills and the other by scoring out. The two losses were against Deer's double Boomerang and Hush Hoshiko and tuno's Botulus Esa: both of them played great and capitalized on my many mistakes


Shoutout to the TAI Breakers: my competitive season has been beyond great thus far and it's all thanks to them helping me and motivating me to keep working hard. I can't wait to achieve more.

See y'all in Bergamo later this month. EMEA is gonna be great!

4 Jun 2024 HaverOfFun

Single trojan horse just creates so much excitement into any game! Nice job and cya in Bergamo!

5 Jun 2024 koga

Typical wowarlok glacier giving me a headache smh