Network Exchange

phette23 2279

A Congress-style Kate which builds to a R&D lock endgame. Rebirth into Kit to force multi-ICE servers.

14 Apr 2017 shimya

I would suggest dropping Career Fair for Peace in Our Time. It provides more money. Also, Temüjin Contract and Corroder for Paperclip and Tapwrm seem better. In that case, I'd also add Sacrificial Construct instead of something. You could also swap 2 Magnum Opus for more draw to speed up the setup and lock the RnD faster.

Also, Equivocation is better than R&D Interface in these kind of decks. Let's you put more pressure in a single turn.

14 Apr 2017 phette23

Good point, Tapwrm over Temüjin Contract to free up an influence pip is almost certainly the right call here. Temu kind of contradicts Magnum Opus. Drip econ stacks much better alongside it.

Not a big fan of PIOT, though. There's no point in playing econ denial cards if you're also playing cards that give the corp money.