Eminent Tutor v1.0 (standard)

Matthias404 102

Thanks to Andrej at the Metropole Grid, I was inspired to make my own Weyland Consortium: Built to Last deck...

Built to Blast - Modernism Built to Last [Alphabet Series]: https://youtu.be/WGAxWPvZa0A?si=EaeVn9FyWTXjtgWh

I leaned into scoring out, using Audacity, Seamless Launch, and Slash and Burn Agriculture, and jamming with Digital Rights Management, which lets you grab an Eminent Domain, Oaktown Renovation, or Project Atlas and push behind a couple of ICE. Getting a counter on the Atlas really helps.

Archer, Hammer, and Logjam are good targets for Eminent Domain. And Tree Line is great when expended to advance the other ICE.

Drafter should probably be swapped for a Mestnichestvo, but when it lands it's useful.

It works pretty well, and gives you quite a few lines of play.

9 Jul 2024 GeraldOrtiz

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9 Jul 2024 Nadiamo

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