Critical Contacts - 2nd at Reading SC

Nemamiah 3938

A largely unoriginal twist on the standard Hayley decks that are going round; most of the deck is a hybrid of Sam Burdock's Dark Web Hayley and Wilfy Horig's Laguna Lock.

I played this deck because Moons CI is extremely popular in the UK at the moment, so Film Critic is a very strong option for restricted card that also has upside in the handful of other matchups that are relatively common (AgInfusion, Skorp and CtM). Having lost access to Levy I went back to Professional Contacts, partly based on the argument that you need to maximise your economy if you only have one pass through your deck and you can't afford to discard pieces that you overdraw with Laguna if you have no recursion, but mostly because I wanted to play with the alt arts that I picked up at Worlds.

The rest of the deck is standard, but I cut a lot of the stupid tech cards that everyone was forced to play at Worlds because the Store Championship is a bit more forgiving and the meta is starting to settle down. The exception is Misdirection which I wanted to cut but was told not to by Laurie Poulter; I only used it once all day as a cheap install from SMC to trigger Hayley.

There are a number of cards you could try to work in if you want to tweak this list; Interdiction, Mad Dash, Biometric Spoofing and a way to break Archer that doesn't cost a bazillion credits are all options.