Grug goes to Italy (14th EMEA 2024)

snoobz 21

Ahhh my first time making it to a top cut! And in such a big tournament. Still can't believe it. Huge ❤️ to everyone who was involved in running the event, all my opponents and everyone else I managed to meet. Absolute blast throughout.

Managed to go 5-0 with this list in Swiss, before losing to Augustus's Ag in the cut. (I really need to figure out how to play against that ID 😅) I played Sokka's recent Asa list on corp, going 3-2 in Swiss before losing against testrunning's Esa in R2 of the cut.

Probably going to continue tweaking the list, Ashen always ended up feeling like a dead card and there's a few other slots I want to have a play with, we'll see where we end up.

Looking forward now to UK regionals, time to put in the work and hopefully top this! 💪💪💪

4 Jul 2024 Baa Ram Wu

So hype you how well you did!

Bristol meta now on warning!!!

4 Jul 2024 Sixtyten

Good work, mate!

4 Jul 2024 Goeshi

Well done, Sid. Absolutely smashed it!!

4 Jul 2024 Kikai

Great showing! Look forward to seeing you at regionals