Skunk/Void Delivery v3 (3rd @ American Conts 2024)

Sokka 5259

I did a stream where I talked about this deck and showcased some gameplay! Check it out here:

I didn't consider Asa at all until 5 days ago and, despite limited testing, I'm quite happy with the slot choices I ended up making in this list.

Tatu is suuuuch a good card in Asa. Last year, the 1x Tatu was excellent but it didn't show up nearly as much as I would have liked. With Knobkierie banned, I decided to cut both Mavirus and get a second Tatu. I heavily considered Cohort but I'm so happy I stuck with Tatu because it kept me in so many games this weekend where Cohort would have done nothing. Installing upgrades during runs, getting value on single-ice servers vs Bankhar, allowing you to jam aggressively and play tight on credits, it's all just excellent and very fun.

1x Tranq Grid was also 100% the right choice with Ablative and Tatu both allowing Tranq triggers on the runner's turn.

Working Prototype is a powerful card but can be awkward. It seems fine as a 1x here and I wouldn't play any more. It takes up remote space and I want to score agendas; I don't have time to wait around for 5 counters or to click a Regolith.

As always, happy to answer questions in the comments below.

Shoutout to all the organizers who ran an amazing tournament and congrats to Rielle for winning it all!

Sorry for not streaming this one. I just came back from Thailand on Monday and then went straight into the first week of my first law job so it's been too hectic. Some casual streams should be coming soon once I get settled so keep your eye out on my YouTube for when I schedule those!

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Replays (due to popular request. If I played against you and you'd rather not have that replay on here then please message me and I will be happy to remove it):

Round 1 vs 419: very tough matchup, especially cuz I cut all the Mavirus. I think I played extremely well this game. If information is hidden then it seems I won this game by a large margin, but if you actually look at my hand and the cards I was working with, it was actually extremely tight and I was just barely staying ahead.

Round 4 vs Freedom: Freedom was just slightly too slow this game and unable to keep up with Asa's tempo.

Round 5 vs Kit: Very tight game against eventual tournament winner Niichan's Girl. Sometimes you just need to jam your cards; the runner can't check every turn.

Round 7 vs Arissana: this is the luckiest game of Netrunner I think I have ever played.....and I've been preeeeetty lucky in a lot of games. Play to your outs.

Cut Round 2 vs Esa: Decent showcase of Tatu-Bola tricks.

Cut Round 4 vs Kit: rematch with Niichan's Girl. I misevaluated how strong my remote was on the last turn. I installed Rashida thinking that the remote can get run a few times and I may need the Rashida money but I should have thought about it more because my remote was extremely strong and I should have instead installed the Spin. The access on R&D had a 46% chance of hitting a game-winning agenda. Had I installed the Spin and used it, I would have drawn an agenda and decreased those odds to 33%. Damn. You live and you learn.

Losers' Finals: This is a rematch vs Tuno playing Esa. There is only 1 copy of Finality in that Esa deck and I had it in mind leading up to turn 4 but I kept telling myself that there's only 1 and I could get away with not respecting it. Last click of turn 4 I definitely should have put Ansel on R&D. Once again, this error occurred because I misevaluated the strength of my board. I thought I needed the Ansel for the Tatu swap on the remote but really if I thought about it properly I should have realized that my remote with Gatekeeper + Magnet was completely unbeatable for this Esa list (as long as I get a Bankhar blocker on top later in the game). This misevaluation caused me to save the ice and be greedy with hoping Finality doesn't wreck me. Next turn the Finality finding double Ikawah was where I lost this game. The rest of the game is just me doing my best to fight. Perhaps if I drew a Vitruvius and got a Vitruvius counter or two instead of only finding Offworlds then I might have been able to pull it off. Oh well. I'm happy to get punished for this here tho. It's the mistakes you get punished for that are most memorable

7 Jun 2024 bezchillwell23

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17 Jun 2024 IvanP

Hi, thx for including replays and thx for the stream. I have been playing this deck 20ish times, and I am struggling against crims with Aumakua as well as Loup. I know that both are not so represented in meta to go back to 2x mavirus instead of tatu (I agree with you that tatu is awesome). Any tips how to with both? Any other bad matchups I should be looking for (and tricks to handle them)? Corp is really struggling atm and finding one that is fun and not gimmicky is difficult, so thank you for playing an honest netrunner. :)

19 Jun 2024 Sokka

@IvanP against aggressive decks it’s extremely important to open with a strong econ asset. Get those Rashidas and Nicos rolling. Against Crim you probably need a throw an ice on HQ because of Diversion but you shouldn’t be putting ice on any other central until your econ is stable. Once Nicos are in the remote or other econ is rolling in then you can start icing centrals.

Against Aumakua you’ll need to put an ice on archives. Against Crim in general it’s good to keep the trick in mind where you trigger Tatu to install Skunk (usually on HQ).

Against aggressive decks with Botulus you’ll want to position the magnets on the outermost position of the server.

Remember to avoid putting ice on a third remote because that’s spreading ice too thin against aggressive runners