Smoking Wheels [8th @ CanNats]

Sindarin 160

Took this to CanNats and it did work, only dropping one game to an HB:PD that just drew all the beans (remember, you need two Stealth credits to break a Gatekeeper on the turn it's rezzed).

Opted for Deuces over Clot for pure speed, and it didn't punish me on the day, but it easily could have if I'd run into more Weyland or Sports. If you go for Clot, probably need a second Simulchip.

The Teleworks for fewer Daily Casts were influenced by the Continentals meta. With R+ showing up much less than it might have, I might drop the Teleworks for a full suite of Casts in future.

Otherwise it's fairly standard Smoke. The Twinning in Smoke is wildly powerful.