TCA SEB v0.11

Jai 1342

(EDIT: thanks to everyone who’s dropped by and left a comment, the banter and analysis has been great so far and it’s heartening to see such open exchange of ideas like this. A Meeting of Minds, if you will 😁)

2-0 on jnet, so I'm sending it

tl;dr: Play The Class Act in Seb, it's broken as hell

Q: 'but Jai, Nuka is more draw for cheaper, why are we spending 5 inf on this?'

Nuka is super click intensive in an already sequencing-heavy engine (note to self: put some Julis in here), and your burst draw is already covered by Amanuensis. Draw 3 bottom 1 on a friendo activation is ridiculous. Sorry to my TAIB brothers, but the console is nuts, and this is the hill I'm dying on

Q: 5 is a lot for a card you might not even see though?

A: Lago finds you TCA reasonably quickly enough. And if it gets milled (or if the corp makes the fatal mistake of trashing it), congratulations, Privileged Access just turned into 'Run Archives, if successful draw 4 cards'.

Meeting of Minds was also in the first draft of the list, and it may just go back in for consistency reasons. Also it's the first card in the history of Netrunner that I've straight up wanted to put into a deck purely because of the art. <3 Adam and Merc

Q: Err, where's the multiaccess?

A: multiaccess is for weirdos, just kill all the ice with Hippo and Arruaceiras Crew and take singles until they lose

More seriously though, yes this deck has a #slots issue, and I haven't figured out how to put an actual wincon in here yet. Maybe someone in the comments can figure it out!

Q: speaking of slots...

A: Yeah yeah I know, I'm still figuring it out, can't you see the word DRAFT in the title up top? wait what do you mean I removed it in the published version

  • 3rd Rogue Trading can/should probably be a Miss Bones, and I'm not even certain whether Hot Pursuit is better in that slot or not.

  • Buffer Drive is because I'm a coward and hate losing to Lago RNG. don't be a coward. be brave and embrace the Anarch

  • I never used Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga a single time, let alone installed them. Make of that what you will.

  • Valentina Ferreira Carvalho is a really solid role player and wheel smoothener, but I don't know yet if that makes her worth the 2x.

  • As said above, Juli Moreira Lee deserves at least 1 slot. Lets you install+double click Rogue Trading, scams clicks with Wheels and Friendo. Especially important on the Mr. Miyagi turns (tag on/tag off, god I'm so funny) where sequencing is really tight and difficult to execute cleanly.

That's all for now, hope y'all are enjoying RWR release week, and good luck to all those playing NANPC and AMT this weekend!

SHAABR friendos

Jai out

20 Mar 2024 Jai

Notes: there's an argument to cut the Lagos for Moshing, just for Steelskin draw click compression. hmmm...

20 Mar 2024 Council

But what about v.21 with the {REDACTED} and the [CENSORED]?

20 Mar 2024 aksu

"and your burst draw is already covered by Amanuensis" you will learn the errors of your way!

20 Mar 2024 Drayven

Without a way to clear tags in a PAW, Amanuensis only fires for draw if you float a tag. Isn’t the Corp just going to take away your toys?

20 Mar 2024 jan tuno

you're amazing

20 Mar 2024 Jai

@Council: you know I can't reveal my secrets, the union would get to me first

@aksu: ok bro enjoy paying 6c for Maw

@Drayven: it 's always costing the corp more resources and tempo to trash your stuff than it is for you to install it, you make that trade every time

@jan tuno: no u

21 Mar 2024 London

I think Amanuensis is a meta call that is tough to currently evaluate (greasing sports destroys it without simulchip clot, EoTL kills it without mercs/NFL). However, it doesn't belong in a rogue trading/arruacieras crew deck (one of the connections strong enough it is worth trashing if you float tags). Instead, I would suggest running hot and manuel (there's your multi access) and some way to help get into HQ without a breaker, whether that's botulus, bankhar, boomerang, or devil charm (with the crew).

21 Mar 2024 London

Sorry hot pursuit not running hot. The hot run, you know what I mean.

21 Mar 2024 Jai

@London: I think saying 'don't float tags in a Crew deck' is a bit disingenuous, the card is powerful enough that it fits into any Seb deck regardless of whether it's the main strategy or not (I do agree that it should be though). I'll add that Solidarity Badge is one of the best supplements to a float strategy that I neglected to include here - completely forgot that it triggers off ice trashing!

After a few more games I'm inclined to agree - breaker-agnostic ice solutions are extremely powerful in this deck, but I'd lean towards Botu and Bankhar myself. The engine is setup-heavy enough by itself that you don't want your ice solutions to be as well. That being said, I'm still leaning towards RT>HP as your tag econ solution; the deck is not good enough at durdling for credits in slow matchups otherwise, and it can get extremely awkward to play with the clunky draws that you can sometimes get without Moshing.

On that topic, I think I might start a swear jar for the times someone conflates Hot Pursuit and Running Hot; might get enough to pay for my Worlds ticket when the time comes!

21 Mar 2024 London

I remembered badge right after posting but didn't want to triple post, yeah def 2x.

OK after thinking about it more, crew is fine in a tag floating deck, you just need the deck to have a solid plan B that doesn't rely on the crew sticking around (yours here does). I talked myself out of hot pursuit because of potential blowouts like Ob BC HQ or Age boop, both of which could tank your engine hard. This makes RT kinda necessary, and the question is how to play it while floating tags for amanuensis. I think the ideal play pattern is: start turn tagged, remove tag with badge, install RT, click RT install wheels, pop wheels, click RT end tagged. Leaving RT on 12+ is asking to get it trashed, but on 6 you've gotten enough value already. For this reason I would slot 3x wheels and 2x badge.

I'm not sold on buffer lago. This rig attacks centrals, meaning the corp is more likely to re-ICE those or purge, reducing lago value. Also badge and moshing just take those spots easy. I would spend the extra inf on Juli, it really helps the RT turns.

21 Mar 2024 MrBuggles

Can you not play Mimic and save the Echelon influence?

22 Mar 2024 Jai

I've been more and more up on Moshing the more I've played; the raw quantity of connections need to be looked at more closely if Lago is cut though. There's some math that would come in handy here but I wouldn't know what that looks like

For the record I'm a buffer lago enjoyer but yes I agree that it's probably not optimal here. Excellent analysis!

@MrBuggles You absolutely can, Echelon is really more for avoiding getting blown out by weird things like Brasilia Ansel or whatever people have been cooking up in this Week 1 meta.

I've been playing with a bit of Aumakua myself with that influence and that's a very viable option as well, the deck is excellent at punching holes in centrals to get reloaded after a purge

23 Mar 2024 Anzekay

commenting purely because the line "Also it's the first card in the history of Netrunner that I've straight up wanted to put into a deck purely because of the art. <3 Adam and Merc" makes me happy

26 Mar 2024 ctz

You should take the role of the corp and use isolation to trash class act an then always draw 4