Sabotage Me

Mad Tinkerer 94

I highly dislike Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist and the new Sabotage mechanic so I tried to make a deck that takes advantage of it.

The plan is simple get 4 points with Regenesis and a 3 point Agenda. Then you have Big Deal to score the missing 3 points.

Subliminal Messaging is great counter against Sabotage. Sabotage also puts face down cards into your archive to trigger your ID. It also allows you to put a 3 point Agenda into your archive during the runners turn.

To score Regenesis you have Vladisibirsk City Grid (which will not put new cards into archive like other fast advance cards).

The rest of the deck is making money and having annoying ice (you got a lot of 3 sub ice like Anansi to slow down Endurance decks).

30 Jul 2022 Baa Ram Wu

I would consider at least one Kakurenbo! - It works well with Vlad grid, Regenesis and your ID so seems too good to not include

1 Aug 2022 Rhaplanca1001

I think Kakurenbo is getting banned, sadly! I like that card.