The NEXT Foundry v2.3 - A primer

IronRaven88 159

v2.3 - (Scroll down for UPGRADES)

My take on The Foundry is a Red Coats style deck featuring the NEXT ice.

Foundry concept notes:

1) This deck wants to draw cards and Green Level Clearance and Blue Level Clearance pull their weight.

2) Domestic Sleepers is a good option. The Accelerated Beta Test interaction with Foundry is very strong. When ABT is triggered, look at the top 3 cards, put one piece of ice into play rezzed, and the rest shuffle back in. This interaction essentially gives you one free piece of ice without a drawback, unless you wiff.

3) Aside from expensive "one of's", core ice should be pairs or triplets.

4) Our identity increases agenda density because we remove extra ice from R&D therefore defending it is important. (We have built in Indexing protection - with either unrezzed ice on R&D or a Chimera).

5) This identity naturally protects HQ because it puts extra ice in hand.

6) Our identity wants to rez ice, which means the runner needs to run. If the runner tries to just focus one server they can potentially deplete money and then pressure other servers unhindered.

Economy: Since this is a Red Coats style deck, and is not HB:EtF, extra economy cards are added. Sometimes the game state demands the corp "turtle up" so aside from installing ice, the economy should be click efficient. Adonis Campaign does not require clicks to use and can be initially set up in a scoring server.

Experimentation notes:

1) Big bioroid ice with Bioroid Efficiency Research is very clunky and awkward and not very effective.

2) The grail suite is not as effective as it seems. The best tools for each subtype are commonly played. Corroder meets Galahad's strengh, mimic meets Lancelot's strength, and gordian blade is near Merlin's but it costs $6 to rez. You are holding agendas, punitive counterstrikes, and extra rezzed ice on top of grail pieces. The hand gets cluttered really fast.

3) Weyland's Amazon Industrial Zone or Executive Boot Camp are excellent tools for The Foundry: Refining the Process. Both allow The Foundry ability on the Corp's turn. Currently, Executive Boot Camp has more utility, because you can rez ice on other servers and it protects itself. The runner usually has to let it sit there, otherwise you search for another or another economy asset.

4) Security testing/bank job criminals and Anarchs using Imp/Whizzard makes Eve Campaign on naked remotes very dangerous and detrimental. The asset economy needs to be kept to the scoring remote. Adonis Campaign and Melange Mining Corp. are the best choices currently and can be fetched with Executive Boot Camp.

5) I have almost more Punitive Counterstrike kills than scoring wins with this deck. I would like to round this out, but it shows Punitive Counterstrike pulls its weight. People do not expect meat damage out of Weyland and runners always trash their plascretes, unless they see a punitive. If so, they waste time looking for it, creating a scoring window for the corp.



This version is testing out Lag Time, Peak Efficiency, and Sagittarius. Lag time makes runs more taxing. Peak efficiency is a mid to late game economy card. Sagittarius is another destroyer that can allow a guaranteed trash (if unbroken) and could force the runner to spend money to save a program. It also is a constant problem that has to be dealt with, similar to Ichi 1.0.

23 Nov 2014 Doragunov

I took a HB ETF redcoats deck to a tournament yesterday and started the day off well, but ultimately got smashed later on in the day. If there is one reflection I had it was ...WHY THE FUCK didnt I take 3 punitive counterstrikes. In most my games I was sat on 20+ credits and lost most games to random 3 point agenda steals, frustrating but it has definitely meant the economy is their for Punitive plays.

I had a lot of the same people discarding plascretes against me, was tones of weyland there.

24 Nov 2014 moistloaf

I think you mean... Dead Coats ;) Solid looking list, maybe the first Foundry I give a shot.