Patchwork hosh still good (1st Fly to EMEA)

OF15-15 265

Back in September 2023, @maninthemoon won interconts with a beautiful patchwork hoshiko deck and it worked quite well for me during the Swiss Nationals. But then our beloved dreams were banned and I couldn't get the deck to work decently enough without it and I started playing other anarch decks. When rawr dropped, @Daine showed up to a GNK with a Freedom ice trash deck and I asked myself:

this ape is correct

I threw some cards together, but I really wasn't happy with my console. I wasn't playing enough viruses for knob and Maw is expensive and slow, so I ended up on Keiko and complained:

pure intelligence /sarcasm

  • "It is still legal"
  • "What?"

About the gameplan: We usually just break ice, not the subroutines on it. Devil Charm is the most important card here. It lets you do the usual Chisel trick as well as trashing almost any ice with Crew. Crew is trashing low-strength ice on it's own or with Leech's help and all those cards help turtle as well.

The core idea is to tear down the remote as long as possible and, if the corporation overcommits on protecting the remote (or you get bored), you go for the win on R&D. Conduit & Aeneas usually create enough value that you can just hammer R&D over and over and over.

Huge Thanks to jan tuno for being a great TO, koga for judging, Atien for the "admin stuff"; aksu et al for streaming and to all my opponents for just being awesome. As always, it was a pleasure to play. <3

See you at EMEA :wave:

31 Mar 2024 Testrunning

Isn't everything better in Hoshiko?

1 Apr 2024 Diogene

Congratulations for the win! One question: Was Heliamphora considered for this deck? Cheers!

2 Apr 2024 OF15-15

@Diogene I never considered Heliamphora, but it might be worth a try. Why do you think it would be especially valuable here?

2 Apr 2024 Diogene

@OF15-15, Heliamphora would give you a resistance to Mavirus and would punish the corp when purging. Hence, it would synergize with your gameplan, which basically punish the corp for doing corp action, such as purging or rezzing ices.

It could replace a Leech.


16 Apr 2024 Nagnazul

Any thoughts on Privileged Access to recur the Arruaceiras Crew?