No free room for Geist (eternal)

Krasty 638

This is my runner deck I bring to 2022 NSG Online Eternal Tournament.
When NFL and Stoneship (to charging up Aaron!) was released, I knew I need to try in some Geist deck! So I made this... I dunno if it is good in this format, but is so fun to play! Totally hurts on any kind of asset spam (specially without ICEs), but still good on any other matchups.

Thanks organizers, my oponents, @lostgeek and all others I forgot that I can attend and play this lovely format on tournament!

6 points in eternal system:
3 Points
Account Siphon

2 Points
Tech Trader

1 Point
Aaron Marrón

19 Nov 2022 Krasty

btw what I recognized The Back is almost useless (/too slow) and could better to swap it with SOT...

20 Nov 2022 Watzlav

Is DoF impactful enough in this format? Maybe you could swap them out for some Miss Bones action to shore up your weakness.

21 Nov 2022 Krasty

If you want to catch "syphon" train, you need it 6 times, believe me. But maybe The Back for Miss Bones could be good swap..