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linuxmaier 688

This is a sort of Rush/FA deck focused around exploiting uncertainty. The main idea is to Mushin No Shin a card out early and not score it. This could be a Project Junebug, of course, but it could also be a Medical Breakthrough. That agenda works quite well as a Trick of Light battery because if they run and steal it right away, worse things have happened; they just made the next one easier to score. If they don't, then it's quite easy to score it after you ToL away some tokens since it's probable that the advancement cost will have been reduced via scoring another. For example, if you score the 1st Medical Breakthrough as your second agenda by using Trick of Light to take 2 out of 5 tokens off of the 2nd Breakthrough, then you can immediately win the game by scoring the 2nd Breakthrough at the same time, throwing the runner's math off. Alternatively, NAPD Contract is a fine target as well because stealing it hurts the runner.

If Mushin No Shin doesn't show, Ice Wall will do in a pinch. The ICE suite is designed like a Rush deck, since Harmony games move faster and you won't really have time to settle into a taxing/baiting game. Move aggressively at all times and draw liberally to find the cards you want. Archives won't need icing because of Shock! and Shi.Kyū.

19 Dec 2014 linuxmaier

One concern I'd like feedback on is whether or not there is enough economy, and if it's the right kinds. I figured that since the deck profits from the runner not knowing what's coming, Celebrity Gift would be a mistake and put Medical Research Fundraiser in instead. Let them hunt for their breakers while I try to close the game out. Is this a good idea? Should I switch the economy back? Should I add NeoTokyo Grid to the Mushin No Shin server to have it pay me for increasing the advancements?

9 Jan 2015 kerrk

Just a quick thing to think about...with 9 agendas in this deck if you have a hand with 0-1 (agendas) to start with unless you can get the econ to really keep out the runner they will have a 1 in 5 shot most of the game of seeing an agenda off the top of RnD. What I've noticed by watching a lot of the Worlds matches and some of the national matches around the world on Youtube is that a good runner for the most part will will try and hammer the centrals against Jinteki since it is usually safer than running face down remotes. Just some food for thought.

TLDR: 44 card deck with 9 agendas is super susceptible to RnD digging by Runner. 20% shot of top decking an agenda most of the game for runner and as RnD gets smaller that % goes up.

9 Jan 2015 kerrk

One suggestion that i would possibly consider for you deck though is maybe putting in one biotic labor? Could help kick start a 0 advanced Med Breakthrough that is down among your traps to get your scoring train going.

9 Jan 2015 linuxmaier

@kerrk Thanks for your feedback! Your criticism is very valid and matches the experience I had with the deck. Another huge mark against it was the fact that I underestimated just how much money Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within gets you with its ability, if you're taking advancing cards as a given. Having to slow-mode advance cards in this deck was very pricey and I found myself gasping for cash most of the time. This deck idea just seems to work better in Tennin than Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer.

The only way to solve the RnD lock problem is to move very fast and just plain keep them out with binary ice, but that becomes too expensive for this deck to afford too fast.