Seidr FA

beyoken 6098

8 May 2017 stoppableforce

Happy to say that after watching you play, I managed to guess the remainder of the deck to within a few cards (I missed the Ark Lockdown, the second CVS, and had you on 2 Food/1 CST instead of 3 Food).

I would not have put you on 3 Tapestry, though. Has it been that good for you in testing?

9 May 2017 ChrisFerg

Have you tried Load Testing at all?

9 May 2017 Quarg

Load Testing doesn't trigger Seidr, as the click loss isn't during a run. Otherwise I would totally run it as an alternative to Archived Memories.

9 May 2017 Jashay

Surely a simple Enigma would have been a better choice than Tapestry? I've not found that card in any way useful in HB, (although I actually like it in Jinteki)

9 May 2017 Mechanoise

Always love your playthroughs, I'm giving Seidr a shot tonight!

9 May 2017 Mechanoise

@Jashay At 6 strength it's a pain to break, even with Refractor, but allowing an R&D tapestry to fire isn't good for the Runner. For one, click loss, which triggers Seider and puts back an archived card that they can immediately draw, and then allows the corp to replace a card that makes the Runner's access near-useless. Even if they run last click you still get a draw and get to cover up R&D if necessary. It's a good piece of ICE for this ID.

10 May 2017 Erenoth

Looks a lot like a deck of mine, have you considered trying to fit in a Bryan Stinson? You have a lot of transactions and he works great with an ash.

11 May 2017 Mechanoise

@Erenoth I do love me a Stinson in any econ heavy deck! However, I don't think it would happen. You'd either have to lose the Jacksons, Architects or SanSan. Losing the Jacksons is generally a bad idea, especially with ABT. Losing the Architects denies a huge tempo swing. And losing the SanSan City Grid is denying you another fast advance victory. Seidr never fired once for me, since the Runner was actively avoiding it, which is huge when faces with a Tapestry to break. I'm also not hot on removing the Crisium Grids....they're pretty much needed nowadays.