Smashing Things v0.2 (Startup)

Slyphic 22

I want to iterate on a theme of 'smashing all the corps toys'. It's simplistic, but simple will serve til I get back up to speed with the game.


5 Dec 2021 napalm900

This is super cool! Does Chisel trigger Demolisher?

6 Dec 2021 Slyphic

@napalm900 I don't know about any official ruling, but Chisel reads

When you encounter host ice, if its strength is 0 or less, trash it.

so we figured that triggers Demolisher

The first time each turn you trash a Corp card, gain 1credit.

It's how we played it, doesn't seem abusive, just a nifty little econ synergy.

6 Dec 2021 Davidmc7

Chisel synergizes superbly with Devil Charm for an instant trash of annoying ice you encounter. Might be worth it for version 0.3 :)