Smashing Things v0.3 (Startup)

Slyphic 31

I want to iterate on a theme of 'smashing all the corps toys'. It's simplistic, but simple will serve til I get back up to speed with the game.


  • En Passant isn't working as often or as well as I'd imagined it would. Too many conditionals. Swapping in some Devil Charms for a more reliable same effect, on my own terms.
  • I'm seriously considering going above 40 cards to add in a couple Jailbreaks just to capitalize on flush HQ turns.


21 Apr 2022 lanzaa

does leech have a spot in this deck?

21 Apr 2022 Slyphic

@lanzaa If I could find room, it sure does. I've got a new version of this deck I forgot to hit Publish on where I still can't find room for Leech.