♦ Demolisher 4[credit]

Hardware: Console
Influence: ●●○○○

+1memory unit

The trash cost of each Corp card is lowered by 1.

The first time each turn you trash a Corp card, gain 1credit.

Limit 1 console per player.

Step 1: Apply to Problem.
Step 2: No more Problem!
Illustrated by Olie Boldador
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Downfall (df)

#2 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Comparing Demolisher to the gold standard of trashing assets - Scrubber - it doesn't look all that appealing. On a single access, they both give you two extra credits with which to trash an asset, but Scrubber is half the cost to install! Is it worth paying 2 more for +1 memory? Furthermore, Demolisher competes with Turntable and Patchwork for the Anarch console slot, meaning you give up on messing up corp agenda shenanigans and converting cards into economy, respectively.

There are upsides to Demolisher, however. Unlike Scrubber, Demolisher will actually grant you a real credit the first time you trash Rashida Jaheem or NGO Front, whereas Scrubber just wastes one of its recurring credits. Also, if you access multiple trashable cards in a turn, Demolisher will reduce all of their trash costs by 1, which means you can save credits on trashing faster than with Scrubber. Finally, Demolisher will also pay you back when you trash corp cards in unconventional means - such as with Hippo, the Anarch cutlery suite, Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist's ability, and the new Chisel.

So, does Demolisher pull ahead of Scrubber? Seems doubtful. That increased install cost is a big turn-off. Maybe if you're absolutely mad about asset trashing you'll play both, as they do compliment each other nicely. It's potentially also the console of choice for Whizzard: Master Gamer if you're playing casually and allowing rotated IDs.

(System Core 2019 era)
I think you're right about Demolisher's playability. It's just not its time...yet. —
As a runner I have never managed to trash an NGO Front; they always get trashed by the corp, for the sweet sweet credits, at the last moment :) —
So far this has felt ike Khumalo's Paragon. —

I find it strange that this card has'nt been noted for it's greatest strength and, IMHO; the reason you run it:

So, first benefit, memory, par the course for consoles.

Second benefit, -1 cost to trash, it's ok but EH. Other cards mitigate trash costs better? Combined with the third benefit it's basically a Scrubber that has no roundly limit, if you hit three two cost trash cards in a turn you trash them all, Scrubber only does one per turn, but that's a highly specific example and even in this optimal comparison, Demolisher is doing this at the cost of a console slot.

Third benefit. This is why you take it! DUH!

Ok, so, -you- trash card, get money. The -you- part is important because it's not unusual that there be effects that make the corp trash themselves, like Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator, so that's not a synergy. However, Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer? That's a synergy! Trash an event, get money. This of course becomes a way to fuel yourself through trashing, Stargate, cutlery, En Passant, Imp, Bhagat, so long as you keep consistently trashing things then Demolisher is right there with you fueling the next trash card or contributing to your economic war.

(Midnight Sun Booster Pack era)