Andromeda foldingue • Version 3

Pyjam 515

Note : In french, foldingue is an argotic word for nutty.

Notes for the original version :

Today, our dear Andromeda is nuts about recurring credits.

Since the release of Hostage, Underworld Contact has become better but still not good enough. Data Folding (Order & Chaos) solves the equation: Dyson Mem Chip provides links for Underworld Contact (and traces) and unused MU for Data Folding.

So, the deck generates up to 6 recurring credits per turn for any usage (8 with Tri-maf Contact).

In this deck, a single copy of Desperado is enough.

3x R&D Interface + HQ Interface + Sneakdoor Beta, the strategy is obvious and needs no explanation.

Notes for this new version :

I mulligan for The Supplier or Hostage and try to install him on my first turn. Infiltration is for the back-up plan if I get none of those two cards in the starting hand. It looks light but the odds are 94.3 %.

Most of the time, Infiltration is enough to save me from a disastrous beginning because many cards have a low install cost.

During the game, Sure Gamble or Easy Mark were often useless. Infiltration on the contrary finds some use sometimes.

Window is a new addition. I know, it's not a popular choice but I greatly appreciate how it works so well with Mr. Li.

I've replaced Alias with Garrote because... seriously, it's much better. Although, Femme Fatale would be a fine choice too.

Now I run only one decoder and I added one Special Order. The concept of a back-up decoder did not work well for me. I want the best and only the best.

I've added one copy of Tri-maf Contact. It is of great help both in the early game and in the late game against the glacier deck.

I'm done with this concept for the moment. I'm playing Leela now.

Weaknesses :

• Most of the time, too slow against NEH.

• No Plascrete Carapace but up to 4 links and a ton of money.

• No defense against Snatch and Grab and little defense against Power Shutdown.