Pichação, I Choose You! -1st, Startup Canadian Nats

Weltgeist 250

Boat? What boat?

This is the Hermes Tao list I slapped together the night before the Canadian Startup tournament which carried me through to the end, undefeated in three rounds. The game plan is as simple as simple gets:

In other words, the game plan is "Play Netrunner." And as it turns out, if you just put a bunch of high-value cards in a 40-card deck, you end up pretty much always drawing into something useful! This deck took out two R+ and a PD on the way to the top. Despite the deck's name, I couldn't actually get a Pichacao down on the table because I was short on MU. These are the things that don't occur to you at 2AM, I suppose. Should have cut one for a DZMZ. Ah, well

My personal highlight was my match against @oneiromancer, in which I got Ping'd on the way to stealing a Cryptocrash out of the remote on Click 2. He drew two cards and I bounced the unrezzed ice off of HQ. Click 3, Jailbreak HQ, steal the second Cryptocrash, bounce an unrezzed ice off the remote.

At this point I'm on 3 cards in hand and am also floating a tag. I completely forgot that I was tagged and sent it into HQ with a second Jailbreak, managing to grab the 1 remaining agenda out of 8 cards in HQ, ripping 6 points in one turn and stealing the win. That's Netrunner, baby.

I mentioned it in my corp writeup but thanks again to @amvaric and Mattie for running such a wonderful tournament and to Jon for overseeing the Startup tournament. You're all absolutely delightful people.

28 Aug 2023 Zeebag

Sick rips bro, what it's all about! Congrats on the W, and it was nice chatting all things netrunner at the bar last night!

28 Aug 2023 Weltgeist

Thank you! Simply access agendas and don't access not-agendas, right? Easy. And yeah man, I had a great time! Safe travels back to Toronto.

29 Aug 2023 grombatmole

Sick sick rips

7 Sep 2023 lasarab

I express my gratitude for your assistance. Merely retrieve agendas. @slope game

10 Sep 2023 somefish254

I was wondering how you would feel if I tried to fit in a DZMZ? I also tried some other changes, namely

-2x Jailbreak

-3x Overclock

+2x Bahia Bands

+3x Into the Depths


11 Sep 2023 Weltgeist

@somefish254DZMZ is for sure correct, I meant to put that in place of the 2nd Pichacao. I think Bahia Bands puts you over on influence, no? They're 1 apiece and I'm not sure I'd cut any of the influence I've spent here.

Into the Depths for Overclock can work, but imo accomplishes something slightly different. Into the Depths gets you value after a run is successful (and can help you set up, though you have enough draw that it's usually not an issue) whereas Overclock can get you into a remote on a clutch turn, or at least get you an access without sacrificing too much tempo.

I'd be hesitatant to cut the Jailbreaks, since you otherwise don't have any real HQ pressure. Granted, my win with the Jailbreaks was quite lucky, but HQ multiaccess in Shaper is extremely important imo in order to punish the corp if they try to aggressively clear R&D lock.

That said, give it a shot and let me know how it performs for you!

25 Sep 2023 koldun

I just tried this deck, and managed to move a Formicary on the R&D. I had Echelon, Pichação on the Formicary, and Conduit. As long as you have credit, you can run on R&D, and see +1 card over, and over again...

11 Oct 2023 DeckSmithy

Fairly new player here. Can you elaborate on what "Lock the Remote" means? Is it the idea to run remotes a lot and pressure the Corp into rezzing lots of Ice?

11 Oct 2023 Weltgeist

@DeckSmithyHey! So the idea of a "Lock" in this sense is the idea that you can consistently run (or, to be more precise, always threaten to run) a scoring remote. The idea here is that Hermes and Tao's abilities both allow you to make the scoring remote as easy / cheap for you to get into as possible by bouncing and rearranging ICE. This means that the corp doesn't really have the ability to try and score out of their remote, allowing you to then pivot into running on centrals, so long as you can also always threaten the remote in case an agenda slips through.

The important thing to bear in mind is that it's about always maintaining your ability to run the remote server. Feel free to hang back and get your money up if it means that the corp can't safely jam into the remote. Hope this helps!

12 Oct 2023 DeckSmithy

@WeltgeistMany thanks. That was really insightful!