Adam the Turtle Tamer (Malaysia 2017 Nationals 2nd)

Rezalbyks 124

Adam did terribly in Swiss (1-3) and got carried by my CI corp. He then managed to win 2 key games in the top cut to get me to 2nd!

This follows the shell of: Run Sometimes by @Zeromus: and, Criminal Adam by @Sysp:

Adam is one of my favourite runners and having shied from bringing him to major tournaments, I decided to run with him for Nats.

I pretty much always started with Safety First/Neutralize All Threats/Find the Truth. I've only started with Always Be Running once in the finals against CI in an all-in attempt to pressure CI's HQ early on and it obviously didn't turn out well.

Breaker of choice was the duo of Aumakua and Dean Lister with some other supports. Aumakua and Datasucker pressures ice light corps and Dean Lister/ABR gets you in to recharge the viruses after a purge. Black Orchestra was for Turings and triple advanced Hortums. Femme for Chiyashi and breaks Swordsman as well. Hunting Grounds for IP block mainly. One Overmind just for extra options, could probably have used one more.

Top Hat with Find The Truth is still fantastic; a 0 cost 1 influence RDI essentially. It got me off to an unstoppable snowball start one game by stealing a turn 1 Merger and saved me from being knocked out from the loser's bracket.

Liberated Accounts was the Temujin replacement. Obviously not as good but gets the job done econ wise.

Algo Trading acted as a pseudo-Kati for some long-term econ. It's usually left to accumulate over the course of the game and only unloaded in emergencies or till it has 16+ creds. Or it gets Best Defense-d (which fortunately didn't happen to me this time)

Currents are a must for Adam in a world of Scarcity. The exact number I'm not sure of but 3 seems adequate.

Rip Deal was included as a recursion option for extra Dean Listers or whatever else needed. Didn't see play at all this Nats but I like the flexibility and it works with Neutralize All Threats as well so you'll always get 2 cards back.

I love the power of Adam when you manage to get into servers. The puzzle has always been how to get in and how to keep getting in. Hopefully we'll see more support cards for him down the line. Till then, Always Be Running!

23 Oct 2017 Dazzler

I love turtles!!! Congrats on the performance. Nice Plays..

23 Oct 2017 Rezalbyks

@Dazzler Your good friend Swordsman loves them too eh? :D

23 Oct 2017 Dazzler

@RezalbyksObviously... Lol..

26 Oct 2017 StaticSky

A Turtle Tamer? I was always partial to Pastamancers and Saucerors myself...

26 Oct 2017 Rezalbyks

@StaticSky Aye I was too, back in my KoL days, but the opportunity seemed too good to pass on. Glad someone noticed though!